LG Washing Machine Won’t Turn ON | Fix it with Appliance Repair

When an LG washing machine won’t turn on, common issues include power supply problems, faulty door latches, malfunctioning control boards, broken lid switches, and clogged drain pumps. Troubleshooting steps include checking the power cord, resetting the circuit breaker, testing the outlet, and inspecting components like the door latch and control board for damage. Replacing faulty parts and ensuring proper connections can resolve the issue, but professional service might be needed for complex problems.

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Ever had that sinking feeling when your LG washer refuses to start? You’re all set to do laundry, but your load washer is just playing dead.

Whether it’s a sneaky control board issue or simply a stubborn power button, we’ve got your back. 

Let’s troubleshoot this together—no need to call Samsung or panic just yet! Reset, unplug, plug…let’s go! 🙏

Common Causes of an LG Washing Machine Won’t Turn ON

1. Power Supply Issues

Check power cord – make sure it ain’t damaged & it’s plugged in good. No extension cords! They can mess things up.

Circuit breaker acting up? Reset it.

Test outlet with a multimeter – should be 110-120V. Make sure breaker’s working right.

Image of Power Supply Issues
Image source: kerenza.com

Do a hard reset: unplug, hold POWER/START 5 secs, then PLAY/PAUSE 5 secs, plug back in, and hit POWER.

Thermal fuse blown? Check it with a multimeter. If it’s dead, replace it & check why the washer’s overheating.

Control board or timer busted? Might need replacing.

Line fuse fried? Check it, replace it if needed & find out why it’s getting too hot.

2. Faulty Door Latch

Image of Faulty Door Latch
Image source: ifixit.com

First off, that door latch is like the bouncer at a club, it’s got to work right or you ain’t getting in.

If it ain’t latching properly, you’ll probably see that error code “dE” popping up like an unwanted guest.

Now, there could be a couple of reasons for this mess. The latch itself might be bent or broken, like it got into a bar fight or something.

Or maybe that door gasket is all torn up like it got caught in a lawnmower. 

Either way, they gotta get fixed or replaced.

So here’s what you do:

1. Peep that latch real good. If it’s bent or busted, you gotta swap that sucker out for a new one.

2. Check that gasket too. If it’s missing pieces or looks like it went through a shredder, time to get a replacement.

3. If none of that works, might be the whole door latch assembly that’s gone rogue. In that case, you’ll need to replace the entire thing.

Don’t sweat the small stuff though, just follow these steps and your LG will be back to spinning and rinsing like a champ in no time. You got this, homie!

3. Malfunctioning Control Board

clears throat Aight, listen up fam! Is that control board on your LG washing machine acting up? Don’t even trip, dawg. We gon’ get to the root of this mess real quick.

First things first, if that bad boy ain’t even turning on, even after you reset the breaker, then we already know something ain’t right with the control board.

Could be some burnt or discolored areas on that sucker too, telling you it’s seen better days.

Now, what coulda caused this hot mess, you ask? Well, could be the electrical surges or power fluctuations playing tricks on your washer.

Or maybe you got it plugged into one of them non-dedicated circuit breakers, which ain’t never a good look.

But real talk, sometimes the control boards just come outta the factory already messed up. It is like that sometimes, ya feel me?

Anywho, here’s how we are going to troubleshoot this situation:

1. Make sure that washer is plugged into a working outlet, alright? Can’t be playing games with faulty power sources.

2. Check that circuit breaker too. If it’s trippin’, reset that sucker and let’s see what happens.

3. Now, take a good look at that control board. Any burnt spots or discoloured areas? That’s a dead giveaway that it needs to be replaced, no questions asked.

4. If you got yourself a multimeter, use that bad boy to check for continuity and proper voltage at the board’s connectors. That’ll tell you for sure if it’s toast or not.

5. If it looks like that control board is well past its expiration date, you will have to replace it with a compatible part. Just make sure you disconnect all the connectors and remove them carefully.

6. Once you have that new control board in there, reconnect everything and put that washer back together like a puzzle.

7. Plug that sucker in and let’s see if it’s working like it’s supposed to now!

And that’s how you handle a control board issue, my dude. Just stay calm, follow the steps, and you’ll be back to washing your clothes in no time.

4. Broken Lid Switch

Got some real talk for you all about that busted lid switch on your LG washing machine. Sh*t can get annoying when that thing ain’t working right, feel me?

Here’s the scoop:


  • That washer won’t even turn on, dawg. Straight up dead.
  • The lid switch itself might be all jacked up.
  • You might see that ‘dE’ error code popping up on the display. Ain’t no party, fam.


  • Could be the lid switch itself is just straight-up broken or damaged, ya dig?
  • Or maybe it’s the whole lid switch assembly acting up and tripping.
  • Heck, could even be that wire connector for the switch coming loose or getting banged up.

Troubleshooting Time:

  • Check that lid switch first. Give it a good once-over, see if it’s all busted and sh*t.
  • Use that multimeter to test for continuity and voltage at the switch connectors, alright?
  • Then peep at the lid switch assembly. Any signs of damage or it being loose? That could be the culprit.
  • Don’t forget to inspect the wire connectors too. If they ain’t connected right or got some damage, that’s your problem right there.
  • If that lid switch is straight-up done for, you gotta replace it with a new one that fits your machine.
  • Disconnect all the connectors carefully, don’t wanna mess anything else up.
  • Once you have that new switch in there, reconnect everything and put that washer back together.
  • Plug it in and give er a spin. If you did it right, that should fix that lid switch issue, my dude.

So there you have it, fam. Ain’t no thang but a chicken wang, ya feel me? Just gotta troubleshoot that lid switch situation and you’ll be back to washing clothes like a boss.

5. Clogged Drain Pump

Image of Clogged Drain Pump

A clogged drain pump can be a real pain in the butt for your washing machine. Here’s the deal:

Signs that sumping ain’t right:

  • Water ain’t draining properly
  • Leaks coming from the machine
  • Error codes poppin’ up on the display

What’s causing the mess:

  • Debris, clothes, or soap buildup blockin’ the drain hose
  • Clogs in the drain pump itself
  • Belts or them impeller thingies busted
  • Faulty lid switch
  • Drain vent issues

How to fix this shiznit:

  1. Check the drain hose:
  • Look for any kinks, bends, or blockages
  • Make sure it’s connected tight to the machine and drain pipe
  1. Peep the drain pump:
Image of Inspect for debris or clogs
  • Inspect for debris or clogs
  • Listen for weird noises or leaks
  1. Belts and impellers:
  • Check for damage or wear
  • Ensure they ain’t misaligned
  1. Lid switch:
  • Look for any damage
  • Try pressin’ it manually
  1. Drain vent:
  • Check for blockages
  • Ensure it’s installed right
  1. Clear them clogs:
  • Use a snake or drain cleaner
  1. Replace the pump:
  • If it’s busted, get a new one compatible with your model
  1. Reassemble and test:
  • Put it all back together
  • Run a cycle, cross your fingers

Replacing the pump:

  • Get the right model by giving your machine’s info
  • Consider one with a warranty
  • Be careful, static discharge can mess up parts

Boom! Hopefully, that’ll get your washer back in action. Hit me up if ya need any other tips, alright?

Why is my washing machine not powering on?

Your washing machine won’t start? Bummer! Let’s go through a few things to see why your top load washer isn’t working.

First off, have you tried holding the power button for 5 seconds? Sometimes that’s an easy fix. It might sound silly but don’t forget to plug the washer in if you haven’t already.

It’s possible the LG top load washer won’t start because of an issue with the main control board. You might also want to check the display board.

If your lg washing machine won’t start and you’ve tried pressing the power button for five seconds, but still nothing, the issue could be a power problem. Have you tried to unplug the washer and plug it back in?

Also, give the front load washer or top load washer a quick check to make sure it won’t drain. Sometimes these machines just need a reset.

When your lg top load washer won’t turn on, and you’ve done all the basic troubleshooting, it might be time to call a technician.

If the top load washer won’t turn or the load washer not starting persists, you might be dealing with a more complex issue.

A technician can handle it if the washer won’t turn on still.

And don’t worry, these issues might boil down to just 5 reasons your LG top load washer isn’t working!

Is the dryer on a separate 220 outlet?

Yes, the dryer should be on a separate 220V outlet.

That dryer of yours needs its own special 220V outlet, you hear? Can’t be sharin’ that with the washing machine or any other appliance.

That outlet’s gonna be a big single plug for 220V, not one of them standard 110V ones with two holes. Gonna need a 30A, 2-pole circuit breaker in that main panel too.

Now, that washin’ machine runs on regular 110V. No way it’s pluggin’ into that 220V dryer outlet, even with some kinda of adapter nonsense.

If all you have in that laundry room is the 220V outlet for the dryer and nothing for the washer, you best call up an electrician.

They’ll need to run a new dedicated 110V circuit with an outlet just for that washer. Might mean pulling some new wires from that main panel.

Don’t even think about tryna power both appliances from that single 220V outlet with some adapter or splitter.


Why is my LG washer not turning on?

There are a few reasons your LG washer might not turn on. First, check if it’s plugged in properly and the outlet to make sure it’s working. You can test the outlet by plugging in another appliance that you know works.

What should I do if my LG top load washer is not starting at all?

If your top load washer is not starting, try resetting it by unplugging the machine and then turning it back on after a few minutes. If that doesn’t work, you might need a service call for further LG washing machine troubleshooting.

How do I test the outlet to make sure it’s not the issue?

To test the outlet, you can plug in another appliance, like a lamp or a dishwasher. If the appliance works, then the outlet is fine. If not, you might need to check your circuit panel or outlet.

What can cause my LG washer to display error codes instead of turning on?

Error codes on an LG washer often indicate specific issues. Refer to your LG washing machine troubleshooting guide to decipher the error codes. Common reasons can include a defective control panel or door lock.

Why is my LG front-load washer not responding when I press the power button?

If your LG front load washer doesn’t respond when you press the power button, the problem could be as simple as a child lock being activated. Try pressing and holding the child lock button and nothing should happen if it’s active.

How can I fix the problem if the washer still doesn’t turn on after checking the outlet?

If the washer still doesn’t turn on after checking the outlet, the issue might be more complicated like a defective control panel or a problem with the start button. You might need to order a new part or call tech support.

Is it ever necessary to replace parts if my LG washer isn’t turning on?

Yes, sometimes parts need replacement. The most common part that might need replacing is the control panel or door lock. If you’re unsure, check the LG washing machine troubleshooting guide or consult a professional service.

Can resetting the washer help get it to turn on?

Yes, try resetting your washer by unplugging it and plugging it back in after a few minutes. This can sometimes fix the problem if it’s a minor glitch.

Should I call for tech support or service if my washer doesn’t turn on?

If you’ve tried all the basic troubleshooting steps and your washer still doesn’t turn on, it’s best to make a service call or contact tech support for professional help.

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