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LG stacked washer dryers are a space-saving laundry solution that comes in two main configurations: washer dryer combos and stacked units with a stacking plate. They offer features like energy efficiency, multiple wash cycles, and quiet operation. Before buying one, you should measure your laundry space, determine the laundry capacity you need, and consider features like smart technology and steam cleaning. Installation requires leveling the washer, stacking the dryer with a stacking kit, and ensuring proper ventilation.

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What Is an LG Stacked Washer Dryer?

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LG stacked washer dryers just a way to put an LG washer dryer on top of an LG washer, saving you some room.

You use a stacking kit, like the LG DSTWH, that fits most washers and has adapters. 

You gotta make sure the washer’s level, screw in some holders, peel off tape covers, tweak the dryer legs, and then put the dryer on top careful-like. 

Just ensure you do it right, lining everything up and getting the dryer legs into the right spots on the kit.

How Does an LG Stacked Washer Dryer Work?

An LG stacked washer dryer works by stacking an LG tumble dryer on top of an LG washing machine using a stacking plate.

The stacking plate, like the LG DSTWH model, is designed to fit most washing machines and comes with adapters for different depths.

To stack the dryer on the washing machine, specific steps need to be followed, such as ensuring the washing machine is level, fixing and screwing holders on both sides, peeling off tape covers, adjusting the dryer legs, and gently placing the dryer on the stacking plate.

It is crucial to ensure that the dryer legs are correctly positioned in the leg holders of the stacking plate to maintain stability and safety.

Additionally, the LG owner’s manual provides stacking installation instructions for placing the dryer on top of a front-loading washing machine.

What Are the Benefits of an LG Stacked Washer Dryer?

Discover the single unit front load LG Washtower™ that features single unit innovation available in Florida.

This LG washer dryer combo integrates both washer and dryer into a single unit front load LG Washtower™ with center control™ 4.5 cu for the washer and 7.4 cu for the dryer, making it a space-saving solution with actual features tailored for convenience.

Whether you choose an electric dryer or a gas dryer, the LG laundry solution is ventless, offering flexible installation options.

The SWWE50N3 model, specifically designed with built-in intelligence, simplifies your laundry process, making the LG washer and dryer set an efficient addition to your home.

The LG Washtower™ with center control™ not only saves space but its built-in intelligence feature optimizes washing and drying cycles for better fabric care.

This advanced washer and dryer set is designed to provide a seamless laundry experience, ensuring your garments are treated with care while enhancing the efficiency and convenience of your laundry routine. 

1. Space-saving Design

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The stacked washer dryer setup saves space, making it perfect for smaller laundry rooms or apartments with limited space. It also allows for the installation of shelves and hanging delicate clothes to air dry.

2. Energy Efficiency 

LG washer dryers are designed to be energy-efficient, using advanced technologies like AI sensors to optimize wash and dry cycles, resulting in significant savings on utility bills.

3. Multiple Wash and Dry Cycles

LG washer dryers offer various wash and dry cycles, including specialized options like Allergiene and Sensor Dry, ensuring the best care for clothes.

The combo also allows for steam cleaning in the drying process, removing wrinkles and odours.

4. Quiet Operation 

LG washer dryers operate at a lower noise level, making them ideal for households where laundry is done at night or in noise-sensitive apartments.

What Are the Different Types of LG Stacked Washer Dryers?

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LG Washer Dryer Combos

  • These are all-in-one units that combine the washing machine and dryer into a single, vertically stacked appliance, designed to save space and provide a convenient laundry solution.

LG Stacked Washer Dryers using a Stacking Plate

  • In this setup, an LG tumble dryer is stacked on top of an LG washing machine using a stacking plate like the LG DSTWH model, which fits most 55 cm deep washing machines and comes with adapters for different depths.

LG WashTower

  • This is an innovative stacked washer and dryer that intelligently weighs the laundry and detects fabric softness to automatically select the optimal washing and drying cycles. It features a central control panel and uses AI DD technology for superior fabric care.

Key Benefits

  • Space-saving design
  • Energy efficiency
  • Multiple wash and dry cycles
  • Quiet operation
  • Available in various capacities to suit different household needs, from compact apartments to larger families.

How to Choose the Right Size LG Stacked Washer Dryer?

  • Measure Your Space
    • Measure the area for the appliance
    • Consider width, height, and depth
    • Ensure proper ventilation and utility access
  • Consider Capacity
    • Determine laundry capacity based on household size and habits
    • Choose a suitable capacity from LG’s options
  • Choose Between Washer Dryer Combos and Stacked Units
    • Decide on all-in-one combo or separate stacked units
    • Consider compactness and capacity
  • Check LG’s Product Specifications
    • Find unit dimensions in LG’s specifications
    • Compare with measured space for fit
  • Consider Special Features
    • Look for energy efficiency, smart technology, specific cycles, and steam cleaning options
    • Explore LG’s innovative features for preferences

What Are the Installation Requirements for an LG Stacked Washer Dryer?

Here are the key installation requirements for an LG stacked washer dryer:

Stacking Kit Installation

  • Ensure the washing machine is level and on a solid, stable floor capable of supporting the weight of both appliances.
  • Disconnect the washer and dryer from all power, water, and drainage connections.
  • Remove the 1 screw from the bottom of the rear cover on each side of the washer.
  • Align the hole in the bracket with the hole in the rear cover of the appliances and use the 2 screws removed earlier to hold the stacking brackets in place on each side.
  • Use the four 0.6 (16 mm) screws provided in the accessory box to secure the brackets in place.
  • Make sure all dryer legs are turned in (locked), then turn all 4 legs of the dryer out 1 full turn.
  • Lift the dryer with 2 persons and gently place it on the stacking plate. Ensure the dryer legs can move correctly into the leg holders of the stacking plate.

Ventilation Requirements

Closets with doors must have both an upper and lower vent to prevent heat and moisture buildup in the closet.

The opening for outside fresh air must be at least 25 sq. in (163 cm2).

Clearance Requirements

Allow at least 2″ (5 cm) of clearance on the sides and rear of the stacked appliances.

Ensure there is enough space for proper ventilation and access to utility connections.

LG Stackable Washer and Dryer Dimensions

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Image source: lg.com

LG has different stackable washer and dryer units for all needs. The standard size is around 74-80″ tall when stacked, 23-32″ wide, and 26-34″ depth.

Their WashTower™ is a full-size washer and dryer made to save space – it’s 27″ wide, 30.38″ deep, and 74.38″ tall.

These stackable ones have cool features like AI Fabric Sensors, Smart Pairing™, and Allergiene™ cycles for better laundry. They are energy efficient too with ENERGY STAR® rating and big capacities.

LG stackable washer dryers are tough, high-tech, and have smart ThinQ stuff, making them a good choice for those who want modern, space-saving laundry.

What Are the Common Issues with LG Stacked Washer Dryers?

The common issues with LG stacked washer dryers are:

Leaks: Leaks can happen in LG washers, but they’re often easy to fix without a technician. Check the drain filter for loose parts or if it ain’t seated properly to stop leaks.

Noisy Operation: Stackable washer dryers can be noisy. Make sure it’s levelled and you remove any shipping bolts to prevent vibrations and noise when running.

Error Codes: LG washers show error codes for different problems. Understand the codes and follow the troubleshooting tips. For example, dE, uE, and LE may mean lid issues, unbalanced loads, or motor overload.

Not Drying Properly: If clothes ain’t drying right, could be a clogged dryer vent, overloading, or dirty lint filter. Proper maintenance, following load limits, and cleaning the filter help drying performance.


LG’s stacked washer and dryer combos are mad convenient if you live in a small place or have a tiny laundry room, you dig? They have all kinda models to pick from, so you can find one that fits your needs and budget.

Whether you go for the combo unit or the stackable ones with a plate, LG’s stacked laundry machines get the job done properly and don’t waste space.


why don’t people use washer-dryer combos?

  • In the US, separate washing machines and dryers are more affordable and provide better drying performance.
  • Some users find the combo unit’s drying capabilities inadequate for large or heavy laundry loads.
  • The complexity of a washer-dryer combo can lead to higher costs and reliability issues compared to separate appliances.

Is stacking a washer and dryer a good idea?

Stacking washer and dryer can be good for small spaces. Stacked units are compact, and perfect for tiny apartments or laundry rooms. But there are downsides too. Getting clothes from the washer to the dryer up top can be a pain. Some stacked models might have smaller loads too. Just make sure to use models made for stacking and follow instructions for safe setup. Whether to stack or not depends on your space, laundry needs, and what you like.

can you run a stacked washer and dryer at the same time?

Yes, you can totally run a stacked washer and dryer at the same time. Stacking ’em saves space in your laundry room. Just make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for stacking ’em up securely for proper operation. Some models might need special stacking kits for safe and efficient use.

Is it cheaper to buy a washer and dryer together?

You gotta look at discounts and bundle deals to see if buying a washer and dryer together is cheaper than separately. Companies like LG give discounts when you get the washer and dryer as a set, like 25% off or 24% off certain models. So check the total costs – separate versus bundled – and any promos going on to get the best deal.

Can the LC wash tower be separated for moving?

Yes, so this LG WashTower thing, you can split it up for moving and stuff, but it ain’t meant for that. They have some brackets in the back to take it apart, but LG doesn’t recommend doing it. Easier to just keep it together if you can, than tryna separate that joint.

Are stackable washer and dryer full size?

No, these stackable washer and dryer units ain’t full-sized usually. The normal sizes for stacked ones go like:

  • Height: around 74-80 inches stacked up
  • Width: 23-32 inches wide
  • Depth: Somewhere between 26-34 inches deep

The full-size single washers and dryers be bigger, like 27-28 inches wide and about 30-35 inches deep mostly. The stacked ones gotta be smaller to fit together.

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