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LG HydroShield Washer and Dryer set features advanced technology for efficient washing and drying, including HydroShield water-resistant coating, AI Direct Drive, Steam, and TurboWash. It offers fast, quiet operation and smart features like the LG ThinQ app. While highly rated for performance, some users report issues with service, connectivity, and limited cycle options.

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Looking to make laundry day a breeze? Check out our combo washer and dryer units. Meet the LG HydroShield Washer and Dryer, and don’t miss out on our large capacity top load washer! Quantities are limited.

This no-nonsense appliance duo offers impressive load capacity and a range of cool features, including advanced spin speed and steam functions for the cleanest clothes ever.

With a sturdy stainless steel drum and sleek glass door, they fit seamlessly into any kitchen setup.

Promotions and details are subject to change without notice, so don’t miss out! 

Key Takeaway

  • LG HydroShield Washer and Dryer offer water-resistant protection, advanced features, and large load capacity.
  • They are efficient, quiet, and come with smart controls via the LG ThinQ app.
  • The set is stackable and available in a sleek black steel finish.
  • Users report excellent washing and drying, though some mention service issues and app connectivity problems.

How Does LG HydroShield Technology Work?

LG’s got this cool HydroShield thing for their dryers, right? HydroShield is like a water-resistant magic shield that stops spills and splashes from messing up your dryer.

You know those little accidents that happen? No biggie now! It keeps everything working smoothly and makes cleaning up super easy.

Honestly, it’s like LG is just looking out for us, making laundry less of a hassle, especially with their large capacity top load washer.

So yeah, if you’re like me and always spilling stuff, this is a total game-changer!

LG Hydroshield Washer and Dryer Set Review

LG Hydroshield Washer and Dryer Set is a highly rated product on Amazon, known for its unique features and excellent performance.

Unique Features and Performance

  • Excellent Washing and Drying: Many customers have praised the set for its ability to wash and dry clothes efficiently. The LG Hydroshield Washer and Dryer Set is known for its advanced technology, including AI Direct Drive, Steam, and TurboWash, which help to remove tough stains and leave clothes clean and fresh.
  • Soft and Fluffy Towels: One customer mentioned that the set produces towels that are soft and fluffy, unlike their previous experience with other washers and dryers.
  • Fast and Quiet Operation: The set is designed to be fast and quiet, with some customers reporting that it completes a wash cycle in under an hour and is virtually silent during operation.


Efficient and Effective: The set is praised for its ability to wash and dry clothes quickly and effectively.

Soft and Fluffy Towels: The set produces towels that are soft and fluffy, unlike some other washers and dryers.

Fast and Quiet Operation: The set is designed to be fast and quiet, making it a convenient addition to any home.


Service Issues: Some customers have reported issues with the service provided by LG, including delays in installation and repair.

Crumple Clothes: One customer mentioned that the dryer function can sometimes crumple clothes, requiring ironing.

Customer Reviews

  • Excellent Product: One customer, Shopaholic QueenBee, praised the set for its excellent performance and ease of use. They mentioned that it is a good investment for families and that the fuzzy logic technology helps to ensure the right water temperature and spin movements for optimal washing and drying.
  • Poor Service: Another customer, Prakash, reported poor service from LG, including delays in installation and repair. They also mentioned that the dryer function can sometimes crumple clothes.

What Are the Features of the LG HydroShield Washer and Dryer?

Just wanted to give you the lowdown on LG HydroShield tech in their dryers.

It’s this awesome water-resistant coating that keeps your dryer safe from spills and splatters, perfect for when quantities are limited. 

If you ever have a little mishap, no worries—your dryer stays in top shape and super easy to clean.

Here’s the scoop on the key features:

  • Water-Resistant Coating: Keeps those digital controls safe from water damage and makes cleaning a breeze.
  • Easy Cleaning: Spills or splatters? No problem, just wipe it down, and you’re good to go, whether it’s your dryer or top load washer.
  • Convenience: Makes laundry tasks way easier and less of a hassle.
  • Protection: Keeps your dryer durable and reliable by protecting it from water damage.
  • Design: Sleek and modern, fits right into any space and looks great.
  • Sensor Dry System, which can be quite advantageous in a large capacity top load washer: Monitors moisture levels and adjusts drying time automatically, so your clothes come out perfect.
  • SmartDiagnosis: Helps you figure out any problems over the phone or through an app, saving you from unnecessary service calls.
  • FlowSense Duct Blockage Sensing System: Alerts you to any blockages in the ductwork, ensuring efficient drying.
  • Steam Technology: Injects hot steam to refresh clothes, reduce static, and remove light stains.
  • Easy-to-Use Control Panel, designed for both top load washers and dryers: Simple and intuitive, making cycle selection a breeze.
  • Reversible Door, just like on our large capacity top load washer: Adjusts to fit your space and preferences.
  • Leveling Legs: Keeps the dryer stable, even on uneven floors.
  • Lint Filter: Reduces lint buildup and improves performance.
  • LED Display: Clear and easy-to-read info on the dryer’s status and settings.
  • Power Cord Location, conveniently placed for both top load washers and dryers: Usually at the back or bottom, varies by model.
  • Exhaust Duct Outlet Terminal Block: Connects the dryer to the exhaust duct, usually at the back.
  • Accessories: Stacking kits and other goodies to enhance functionality.

If you’re looking for a dryer that’s not just reliable but also super user-friendly, LG’s got you covered with their HydroShield tech.

It’s all about making your laundry experience better and easier.

What Are the Pros of Using the LG HydroShield Washer and Dryer?

The washer has this inverter direct drive motor, which makes it super efficient and way quieter than those old belt-driven ones. This is particularly true for a top load washer with sleek design.

With the inverter tech, it doesn’t suck up as much electricity, so you save some bucks on your bill.

Then there’s the LG ThinQ app. This thing lets you control and check up on your washer and dryer from your phone. You can start cycles, see what’s goin’ on, and even get alerts when your laundry’s done. It’s like having a personal laundry assistant, super handy!

The dryer’s steam cycle is a game-changer too. It gets rid of wrinkles in your clothes, sheets, whatever, without you having to pull out the iron. Less work, more time for you, right? Especially with our large capacity top load washer.

And even though it’s got a big 10.5kg wash and 7kg dry capacity, it doesn’t take up much space. Perfect if you’re living in a smaller apartment or just don’t want your laundry machines to hog all the room.

Oh, and they look pretty sleek too! With that brushed metal finish, these machines can fit right in with any home decor style. They’re simple yet elegant, just really nice to look at.

If you’re in the market for a new washer and dryer, you might wanna check out the LG HydroShield. They’re efficient, convenient, and stylish.

What Are the Cons of Using the LG HydroShield Washer and Dryer?

wanted to share some thoughts on the LG HydroShield washer and dryer.

They’re cool machines, but I’ve run into a few things that are kind of annoying:

  1. Limited Remote Control: LG ThinQ app is supposed to let you monitor and control the washer and dryer from your phone. But, here’s the kicker – you can’t actually power them on or off remotely. You still have to go up to the machines to start or stop them. Seriously, what’s the point of remote control then?
  2. Buggy App: Ugh, the app can be a real pain sometimes. It doesn’t always track the timer right and sometimes it’ll say the dryer stopped because of a problem, but it really just finished the cycle. The signal can be misleading. 
  3. Limited Cycle Options: If you’ve got specific laundry needs, like washing workout clothes or delicate fabrics, you’re out of luck. The app doesn’t offer a lot of cycle options, which is kind of a letdown.
  4. No Quick Rinse Option: Unlike other washers, this one doesn’t have a quick rinse option. It’s such a hassle when you just want to freshen up some clothes quickly without running a full cycle.
  5. Limited Connectivity: And don’t get me started on the connectivity issues. The app sometimes just won’t connect to the washer and dryer. It’s really frustrating when you rely on these features.

What Are the Customer Reviews of the LG HydroShield Washer and Dryer?

I’ve been checking out the LG washer and dryer models and folks generally seem to really like them. People say these machines are super quiet and efficient.

The washer apparently cleans clothes really well even without an agitator, and the dryer gets stuff dry quickly and effectively.

One thing that keeps coming up is how big these machines are. Like, they can handle huge loads, even things like comforters, no problem.

Plus, the modern design is a big hit too – they look pretty sleek in any laundry room.

Most users say they’re pretty easy to use and maintain, which is always a plus. But, not everything’s perfect. Some people mentioned the machines aren’t always stable and can vibrate a lot during use.

A few folks also felt that the capacity isn’t as great as advertised, saying the machines struggle with really big loads.

And then there’s the smart features – some users had trouble with the connectivity not working right.


What is the capacity of the LG Hydroshield Washer and Dryer Set?

Washer in this set has a capacity of 4.5 cu ft, making it perfect for handling large loads efficiently.

Are the LG Hydroshield Washer and Dryer stackable?

Yes, both the washer and dryer in this set are stackable, which helps save space in your laundry area.

Does the LG Hydroshield Dryer come with smart features?

Absolutely! The LG Hydroshield Dryer includes smart front load capabilities, allowing you to control and monitor your dryer using your smartphone.

What are the premium features of the LG Hydroshield Washer?

This front load washer includes premium features such as ColdWash™, an extra rinse option, and a child lock for added safety.

Can I delay the wash cycle on the LG Hydroshield Washer?

Yes, the washer includes a delay wash feature so you can set your laundry to start at a convenient time for you.

Is there a button for additional rinsing?

Yes, the washer offers an extra rinse button, which can be particularly helpful for loads that need a little more cleaning power, making it an essential feature of a top load washer.

Are these appliances available in black steel?

Yes, the LG Hydroshield Washer and Dryer are available in a sleek black steel finish, adding a touch of modern elegance to your laundry room. Consider pairing them with a top load washer with sleek design for a complete set.

Does the LG Hydroshield Dryer have a fabric softener dispenser?

While the washer includes a fabric softener dispenser, the dryer focuses on efficient drying and includes various drying cycles for different fabric types.

Where can I find pictures and get information on the LG Hydroshield Washer and Dryer Set?

You can find pictures and detailed information on the LG USA website. Make sure to check the tech specs for additional details on each appliance.

Are there any savings or discounts available for purchasing the LG Hydroshield set?

Occasionally, LG USA offers promotions and discounts on their appliances. Keep an eye out for sales events and limited time offers for the best savings.

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