LG Refrigerator Recall List: Issue Announcement by LG Electronics & Sears

LG refrigerators are being recalled due to a potential fire hazard caused by a faulty compressor. The recall dotyczy (do dotyczy means concerns in Polish) certain LG and Kenmore refrigerators manufactured after 2018. Consumers can check if their refrigerator is affected by the recall by contacting LG or Sears or by looking up the serial number on the LG website. If your refrigerator is affected by the recall, you should contact LG or Sears to schedule a repair.

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Looks like LG and Sears done messed up with some fridges, but don’t even trip. We got the full 411 on everything you need to know if you one of the unlucky ones stuck with a faulty fridge.

This guide gonna spill all the hot tea on which models got recalled, what went wrong, and how you can fix that mess. We’ll hook you up with the deets on how to get compensated and stay safe too. No need to sweat it, we got your back.

So don’t let no bum fridge ruin your whole vibe. Get informed, take action, and keep that kitchen fresh as hell. You feel me? Dive on in and let’s tackle these fridge problems like a boss. Your kitchen gonna be looking fly as can be when we done!

What Is the LG Refrigerator Recall List?

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LG’s got some issues with their fridges, especially the compressors that just give up too soon. This problem has led to a class action lawsuit that LG settled.

People are pretty upset because their food’s going bad and the fridge isn’t cooling like it should. 

So now, LG’s caught up in some serious legal stuff, with folks suing them left and right.

They’re saying LG knew about these bum compressors and kept selling the fridges anyway. 

If you bought an LG fridge after 2018, you might be in for a headache with recalls, warranty fights, and trying to get some cash back for the trouble.

It’s a big mess for LG and a real hassle for customers.

Which LG Refrigerators Were Recalled?

  1. LG and Kenmore Elite Trio Three-Door Fridges:
  • Sold in US from May 2004 to May 2005
  • Price range: $1,400 to $2,400
  • Recall Reason: Condenser fan motor issue that could short circuit and start a fire.
  1. LG Side-by-Side Fridges:
  • Made in Australia from Jan 2002 to Feb 2006
  • Recall Reason: Micro-switch in ice maker can wear out, causing it to malfunction and maybe catch fire.

Why Was the LG Refrigerator Recall Issued?

LG’s fridge drama’s not just about one big recall. Their fridges with those linear compressors are breaking down way too fast.

People are losing their cool (literally) because their food’s going bad and stuff.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • LG’s fancy fridges ain’t lasting. Compressors are quitting way early, and folks are ending up with warm fridges.
  • Tons of customers are super mad and suing LG. They’re saying LG sold them these bad fridges on purpose.
  • There’s this big lawsuit going on where people are calling LG out for fraud. They’re like, “You knew these things were gonna break!”
  • LG hasn’t done a full-on recall, but they’re getting a lot of heat from customers and courts about their fridges not keeping their cool.

What Are the Specific Models Affected by the Recall?

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LG Electronics USA has issued a recall for specific models of LG brand refrigerators within the serial number range.

The affected units have been identified as posing a fire hazard to consumers due to a potential short circuit.

If you own one of the eligible LG kitchen appliances, consumers should call LG or Sears to see if their product qualifies for the repair service.

LG Electronics Australia’s got a recall out. They’re saying some side-by-side refrigerator models have a dodgy micro-switch in the ice maker.

The thing is, it could get worse over time and maybe even lead to a fire. 

They’re asking people to check if their fridge model is on the list and get it sorted out to avoid any trouble.

The affected models are:

  • GR-D267DTU
  • GR-G267TV
  • GR-L197NIS
  • GR-L197VS is among the models you need to verify with LG or Sears to determine whether their refrigerator is included in the recall.
  • GR-L197WVS
  • GR-L207EQ
  • GR-L207NI, subject to change without notice, check if your model is included.
  • GR-L207NIS
  • GR-L207WV
  • GR-L207WVS
  • GR-L247ER
  • GR-L247NI
  • GR-L247NIS
  • GR-L247NSS
  • GR-L247TS
  • GR-L247TSS
  • GR-L247WH
  • GR-L247WV
  • GR-L247WVS
  • GR-L257NI
  • GR-L267NI
  • GR-L267NIS
  • GR-P197WVS
  • GR-P277NI

Productsafety.gov.au says, those fridge models we talked about? They were sold all over the place from January 2002 to February 2006. If you’ve got one, you should ring up LG at 1800 506 154. They’ll send someone over to swap out that micro-switch for you.

Just wanted to give you a heads-up about some LG fridges that have been recalled over the years. There’s been quite a few, so if you’ve got one, it might be worth checking.

Side-by-Side Models:

Back in 2010, LG recalled some side-by-side models because of a problem with the earthing screw. Basically, it wasn’t insulated right and could cause a poor electrical earth, which means there’s a tiny risk of electric shock. Models affected were GC-B197WFI, GC-B197STS, GC-B196ACF, GC-L197HFS, GC-L197NFS, and GC-P197WFS, with serial numbers between 904 and 906.

Bottom Freezer Models:

In 2005, they recalled some three-door bottom freezer models without water dispensers. These included models like 405KRxxxxx through 410KRxxxxx, LRFC21755TT, LRFC21755SB, LRFC21755ST, LRFC25750WW, LRFC25750SW, LRFC25750SB, and LRFC25750TT. But not all fridges within those serial numbers were part of the recall, so you’d need to call LG or Sears to be sure if yours was affected.

Other Models:

LG’s also had to recall other models over the years, including GR-L257NI, GR-G267TV, GR-L267NI, GR-L267NIS, GR-P277NI, GR-L247NI, GR-L247WV, GR-L247NIS, GR-L247WVS, GR-D267DTU, GR-L207NI, GR-L207WV, GR-L207EQ, GR-L207NIS, GR-L207WVS, GR-L247WH, GR-L247ER, GR-L247NSS, GR-L197WVS, GR-L197VS, GR-L197NIS, GR-P197WVS, and GR-L247TS.

If you think your fridge might be one of these models, it’s a good idea to double-check. You can usually find the model and serial number on a sticker inside your fridge.

What Are the Potential Hazards of the Recalled LG Refrigerators?

Heads up, those LG fridges that got recalled? They’ve got a glitchy micro-switch in the ice maker that might wear out and cause trouble.

If it goes kaput, it could even start a fire. Here’s the deal:

  • That micro-switch is a weak spot. It can go bad and mess up the ice maker.
  • If it breaks, you might be looking at a fire risk, which is no joke.
  • The wonky ice maker could get too hot or do other risky stuff.
  • LG’s all about safety, so they’re calling these fridges back to fix that part before anything bad happens. Customers are advised to stay updated through public notices.

Own one of these fridges? You better call LG’s helpline to get that switch swapped out. Remember, the serial number range is crucial to determine eligibility.

Consumers who have purchased eligible LG kitchen appliances in a single purchase are eligible to file a claim and have the qualifying items removed from the cart or part of the order.

Are There Any Reported Incidents Related to the Recalled Refrigerators?

Wow, sounds like a bit of a mess with those LG fridges. The Australian safety guys are talking about a couple of fires sparked by that sketchy micro-switch.

Meanwhile, in the States, the CPSC’s got 82 reports about fans in LG and Kenmore fridges packing up.

Caused a bit of a smoke show, but thank goodness, no one was hurt.

So, the gist is:

  • Couple of fires Down Under because of that dodgy switch reported by productsafety.gov.au.
  • Over in the US, 82 fan motors fizzled out, and made some smoke, but everyone’s safe, no injuries.

How to Check If Your LG Refrigerator is Part of the Recall?

if your LG fridge might be on the no-no list? No worries, I’ve got your back.

Here’s what you gotta do to check if your chilly buddy is part of that recall drama, confirm with LG or Sears whether their refrigerator is included based on the serial number range:

First up, you need to find the model and serial number on your fridge. Pop open the door and have a look on the left side. There should be a sticker or plate with all the deets.

If you are wondering about “how do i check my lg recall?” watch the video below:

Next, hop onto the LG website. They’ve got a spot where you can punch in your model and serial number to see if your fridge is in the spotlight.

If the internet isn’t your jam, just give the LG Customer Hotline a ring at 1800 506 154 – that’s for the folks in Australia. Share your model and serial number with them, and they’ll let you know what’s up.

The models that got caught up in this recall are listed on the Australian Product Safety Authority’s notice. They are mostly the side-by-side types sold between January 2002 and February 2006.

What Are the Steps to Take If Your LG Refrigerator is Part of the Recall?

If you got an LG fridge that’s been recalled, here’s what you gotta do. Check if your fridge’s model and serial numbers are the ones LG’s talkin’ about. If they are, you gotta hit up LG straight away to sort things out.

The thing is, there’s a screw in there that might not be earthed right, and it could give you a bit of an electric jolt, though the risk is pretty low. LG says fixing it is a breeze, and won’t take more than 5 minutes.

So, give a ring to LG’s customer service at 1800 506 154, and they’ll tell you what to do for your fridge model. 

LG ain’t selling the dodgy fridges anymore and they’re all about making stuff that’s safe and top-notch. 

They’re checking their kit to make sure everything’s A-OK. Recalls like this don’t happen a lot with LG, so you can trust their gear’s quality and safety.

How Can You Prevent Future Recalls for Your LG Refrigerator?

In 2023, following a class action lawsuit over refrigerator compressors, LG Electronics and Sears announce recall to repair LG has issued public notices for certain models to prevent any future issues, covering eligible refrigerator models.

Consumers owning an LG product, specifically refrigerators, including bottom freezer and dishwasher units potentially included in the recall, should verify if their appliance is affected.

Alright, to keep your LG fridge from being on the recall list again, ya gotta take care of it, right?

Here’s what you should do:

  • Regular Cleaning and Maintenance: Ya need to clean those condenser coils every 3-6 months or so. That’s what LG says will keep it running smoothly.
  • Proper Door Sealing: Make sure the fridge doors are shutting tight. No gaps or anything, because that can mess with the cold air and cause frost or other issues.
  • Temperature Settings: Keep an eye on the temperature. It should be around 37 degrees in the fridge part and 0 in the freezer.
  • Avoid Overloading: Don’t stuff your fridge too full. If you block the air vents, the air can’t move, and then you get spots that ain’t cool enough.
  • Regular Inspection: Now and then, look at the door seals and check if the air’s flowing okay. If the temp’s off, you want to catch that early.
  • Professional Maintenance: If things get tricky or something’s off and you can’t figure it out, you better call a pro, especially someone who knows LG fridges inside out.

Remember, keeping up with this stuff can save you a headache later.


What refrigerators are included in the LG Refrigerator Recall List?

The recall’s mostly about some LG and Kenmore Elite® Trio™ fridges. If your fridge got a bad linear compressor, it might stop cooling. Best way to know if yours is on the list is to look up the serial numbers they posted online on LG or Sears sites, or just give them a ring.

How do I know if my LG fridge is subject to the recall?

To find out if your LG fridge is in the recall, just look at the serial number they mentioned. Give LG or Sears a ring to see if your model’s included. Heads up, this info can change anytime, so make sure to check the latest.

What issues have been reported that led to the recall of LG refrigerators?

Some LG fridges, made with Sears too, got problems with a part called linear compressor. It can get too hot or break, making the fridge stop working right. People weren’t happy, and now there’s a lawsuit against LG.

What should I do if my fridge is affected by the recall?

If you have an LG or Sears fridge that’s part of the recall, get in touch with LG or Sears right away. You might get a fix, money back, or a new fridge. Don’t try to fix it yourself cause it could overheat.

Are there any compensation options available for consumers with recalled refrigerators?

Sure, if you got a fridge that’s part of the recall, you might get a fix, a new one, or your money back for any trouble caused. LG or Sears will tell you exactly what you’re owed.

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