How to Make Craft Ice With LG Fridge: Simple Fix 2024

Craft ice, also known as clear or slow-melting ice, enhances drinks by diluting them slowly and improving flavor and aroma. LG refrigerators with Craft Ice™ technology produce large, slow-melting ice spheres, perfect for cocktails and other beverages. These fridges offer easy-to-use settings, dual ice makers, and smart features for optimal performance. LG’s advanced cooling system and ThinQ app ensure efficient ice production and food freshness.

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Exploring “How to Make Craft Ice With LG Fridge” became my latest obsession.

Well, I’ve cracked the code, and it boils down to one simple element: craft ice.

This isn’t just any ice; it’s a game-changer for beverage enthusiasts everywhere.

And the good news?

You don’t need to rush out to a fancy appliance store to get your hands on it.

If you own an LG refrigerator equipped with a craft ice maker, you’re already ahead of the curve.

Today, I’ll walk you through the ins and outs of making perfect craft ice right in the comfort of your kitchen.

What is Craft Ice?

Close-up of a hand holding an ice ball next to a glass of whiskey.

Craft ice, also called clear ice or slow-melting ice, is a special type of ice made to boost the flavor and look of drinks.

Unlike regular machine-made ice, craft ice is shaped into specific forms and optimized to dilute drinks properly and enhance flavours.

How many types of craft ice?:

  • Large cube ice – These 2-inch cubes melt slower to prevent drinks from getting watered down. The large surface area also helps promote aroma release in spirits and cocktails.
  • Spears and blocks – Ice spears and blocks have a higher dilution rate due to more surface area. They are best used for chilled glasses or lightly diluted drinks.
  • Crushed ice – Small, crushed ice chips mix into drinks easily to help chill quickly. Crushed ice works well in blended and slushy cocktails.

What are the benefits of craft ice?

  • Enhanced flavor and aroma
  • Slower melting for less dilution
  • Visual appeal in cocktails
  • “Craft ice elevates a simple drink into a luxurious experience through optimized chilling, dilution, and mouthfeel,” says expert mixologist Laura Johnson.

Craft ice producers use specialized machines like the Clinebell EBAC425 to produce up to 425 pounds of clear, dense cubes per day.

Advanced water filtration and directional freezing result in pure, odourless cubes that are slow-melting yet soft on textures.

Many discerning hotels, bars, and restaurants are investing in craft ice to enhance their drink offerings. With attention to quality and detail, craft ice makes spirits shine. “It’s like cooking – better ingredients make all the difference,” adds mixologist Laura.

How Long Does Craft Ice Take to Make?

IMAGE of Long Does Craft Ice Take to Make
  1. Craft ice takes 18-30 hrs to make in LG fridges, depends on model & environment.
  2. First batch might take longer, 36-60 hrs, after install.
  3. Freezer needs stable temp & ice maker time to optimize.

Overview of LG Refrigerators with the Craft Ice Feature

image of overview of LG Refrigerators with the Craft Ice Feature

Imagine opening your fridge and finding perfectly rounded ice spheres waiting to chill your favourite drink. That’s the reality with LG’s lineup of refrigerators featuring the innovative Craft Ice™ maker.

These aren’t your average fridges; they’re a leap forward in kitchen tech, designed to elevate your home bartending and beverage experience.

LG’s craft ice refrigerators come packed with cutting-edge features, making them a must-have for any modern kitchen.

Key Features:

  • Dual Ice Maker with Craft Ice™: LG refrigerators stand out by producing not only traditional ice cubes but also slow-melting craft ice spheres. These spheres are perfect for cocktails, sodas, and other beverages, as they chill your drink more evenly without diluting the flavours quickly.
  • Large Capacity: Space is no longer an issue. With generous storage options, these refrigerators offer ample room for all your groceries, alongside your craft ice.
  • Smart Cooling Plus™ System: This technology ensures that your food stays fresher longer, with precise temperature and humidity controls.

Technological Advancements in LG Craft Ice Refrigerators

LG has always been at the forefront of appliance innovation, and its craft ice refrigerators are no exception.

Innovative Features Include:

  • Wi-Fi Enabled: Control your fridge remotely with LG’s ThinQ® app. Whether it’s setting the temperature or monitoring your craft ice production, everything can be managed from your smartphone.
  • Energy Efficiency: These refrigerators are designed to be as energy-efficient as possible, reducing your bills and environmental footprint.
  • Freshness Features: Multi-air flow vents and the LINEARCooling™ system maintain consistent temperatures, keeping your food in the best condition.

Why Everyone’s Talking About LG Craft Ice:

“LG’s Craft Ice™ feature has changed the game for home entertainers. No more running to the store for fancy ice molds or settling for quick-melting cubes. It’s like having a professional bar setup at home!” – a satisfied LG refrigerator owner.

LG Refrigerator Craft Ice Setting

Change Craft Ice Mode on LG Fridge

  1. Wake Control Panel: Press any button to wake from power saving mode.
  2. Enter Craft Ice Mode: Hold the Freezer button for 3 seconds. A beep will sound and the current mode will display.
  3. Toggle Ice Modes: Press the Freezer button to switch between 3 ICE and 6 ICE modes.
  4. Save Mode: If no button is pressed for 5 seconds, the last mode will save and the display will return to normal.
  5. Ice Production:
    • 3 ICE: Makes 3 ice spheres per batch.
    • 6 ICE: Makes 6 ice spheres per batch (may affect shape and clarity).

Note: After installation, it may take 24-48 hours for the Craft Ice Maker to start producing ice normally.

The Technology Behind the Scenes

At the heart of LG’s craft ice maker is its advanced cooling system, which is designed to maintain uniform temperature and optimal humidity levels.

This system is what allows the fridge to produce not only craft ice but also to keep your food fresher for longer.

But LG didn’t stop there. They’ve also integrated smart technology into their fridges. With LG’s ThinQ app, you can monitor and control your craft ice maker from anywhere, ensuring you’re always ready to impress your guests with a perfectly chilled drink.

How Does LG’s Craft Ice Maker Work: Step-by-Step Guide

Settings and Initial Steps

1. Clear and Clean: Begin by emptying and cleaning the ice bin with warm, soapy water to remove any old ice or debris. Ensuring it’s thoroughly dry before proceeding is essential.

2. Fill Water Reservoir: Locate the water reservoir within your LG Craft Ice Maker. Fill it with fresh, clean water, being careful not to overfill to avoid spills during the ice-making process.

3. Check Water Filter: A crucial step involves checking the Craft Ice Maker’s water filter. If it’s equipped with one, replace it if necessary to ensure your craft ice is free from impurities and crystal clear.

How to Activate the Craft Ice Feature

1. Change Mode: To enjoy the craft ice feature, press and hold the Freeze button on your fridge for at least 3 seconds. This action cycles through available modes: Craft Ice, Cubed Ice, and Crushed Ice. Select your desired option to start the ice-making process.

2. Start the Ice Maker: To turn on the Craft Ice Maker, press and hold the Craft Ice button for 3 seconds. This will activate the ice-making feature.

Maintenance: Ensuring Optimal Performance

1. Water Quality Check: The shape and clarity of your craft ice can be influenced by water quality. Use high-quality water to avoid irregularities in ice shape or cloudiness.

2. Environmental Considerations: The clarity of the craft ice can also be impacted by how often the fridge door is opened, the amount of food stored, and the surrounding temperature. Keep door openings to a minimum and avoid overstuffing your fridge.

3. Ice Basket Installation: Properly installing the ice basket is vital. Ensure it’s correctly aligned within the freezer compartment to collect craft ice efficiently.

4. Routine Checks and Cleaning: Regularly inspect the water inlet valve and ice maker assembly for any signs of leaks or misalignment. Cleaning the drain line can prevent water backup while addressing any ice dispenser issues or unusual noises can maintain smooth operation.

By adhering to these detailed steps, you can enhance your beverage experience with perfectly shaped, slow-melting craft ice spheres from your LG fridge. Enjoy crafting elegant drinks with ease, knowing you’ve optimized your LG fridge for the best craft ice production​​​​​​​​​​.

LG Craft Ice: Tips for Perfect Ice Cubes

LG’s craft ice makers produce beautiful 2-inch ice cubes that melt slowly for premium beverages.

Getting the most out of your craft ice machine requires following some best practices.

Here are my top tips for craft ice machine owners:

Change Between 3 ICE and 6 ICE Modes

LG craft ice makers have different modes to produce either 3 large cubes or 6 smaller cubes per cycle. To switch modes:

  • Press any button to wake machine from power-saving
  • Hold the freezer button for 3 seconds
  • Press the freezer button repeatedly to toggle between 3 ICE and 6 ICE

Dispense Ice Properly

To get craft ice without issues:

  • Touch left icon on dispenser for full cubes
  • Touch right icon for crushed ice
  • Press dispenser paddle gently with glass/container

Dispensing too aggressively can damage the ice cubes.

Adjust Cube Size

If you only get 5-6 small cubes, turn the adjustment screw to let the machine produce more ice per cycle. This increases the size of each cube.

Check Water Supply

image of Checking Water Supply

Lack of water flow will create half-sphere “dome” ice cubes. Fix by:

  • Dispensing 2-3 gallons of water
  • Allowing 2-3 cycles of ice production

Set Freezer Temperature Below -4°F

Colder temperatures make clear, solid craft ice. Keep your freezer at the recommended -4°F or lower.

Creative Uses for Craft Ice

The slow melt time and visual appeal make craft ice perfect for:

  • Cocktails – large cubes dilute drinks slower
  • Whiskeys on the rocks – enhances flavour
  • Soda water or iced tea – keeps cold longer
  • Displaying food-ice sculpture effect


How do I turn on craft ice on my LG refrigerator?

To turn on the craft ice feature on your LG refrigerator, navigate to the ice maker settings on your fridge’s control panel or through the LG ThinQ app, and select the craft ice or ice ball option.

How long does it take an LG fridge to make craft ice?

It takes approximately 18 to 30 hours for an LG fridge to make a batch of craft ice, depending on the model and environmental conditions.

Why is my LG fridge not making ice balls?

Your LG fridge may not be making ice balls due to factors such as low water pressure, incorrect freezer temperature settings, or a clogged water filter. Ensure proper settings and check the water filter for any blockages.

Does the LG fridge make ice balls?

Yes, certain LG fridge models are equipped with a feature to make ice balls, known as the craft ice feature, producing slow-melting, large ice spheres ideal for cocktails and other beverages.

What is LG Craft Ice mode?

LG craft ice mode is a feature in select LG refrigerators that produces large, slow-melting ice balls or spheres, enhancing the beverage experience by keeping drinks cold longer without diluting them quickly.

What are the 4 types of ice in LG?

LG refrigerators offer four types of ice: cubed ice, crushed ice, craft ice (large, slow-melting ice balls), and ThinQ ice (a feature available through the LG ThinQ app that allows customization of ice production).

Can I Add a Craft Ice Maker to my LG Refrigerator?

No, you can’t add a Craft Ice maker to your LG fridge. These ice makers come built-in with specific LG models like the InstaView Door-in-Door series. They make clear ice spheres, regular cubes, and crushed ice. The Craft Ice feature is integrated and can’t be added separately.


In wrapping up, it’s clear that LG’s Craft Ice feature is not just a novelty; it’s a game-changer in the world of home beverages.

By offering slow-melting, aesthetically pleasing ice spheres, LG fridges elevate everyday drinks into artisanal experiences.

Here’s why incorporating LG craft ice into your home is a decision that offers both style and substance.

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