LG Water Filter ADQ747935 Review – 6 Month/200 Gallon Capacity

LG Water Filter ADQ747935, also known as LT1000P, is designed to improve water and ice quality in LG refrigerators by removing contaminants like pesticides, chemicals, and heavy metals. It has a 200-gallon capacity, lasts up to six months, and is NSF certified. Easy to install, it ensures fresh, safe water and maintains optimal fridge performance. Regular replacement prevents water leakage and maintains water pressure. Compatible with various LG models, it’s also an alternative to bottled water, promoting convenience and health.

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If you’re tired of dealing with funky-tasting water or ice from your fridge, it’s time to meet your new best friend: the LG Water Filter ADQ747935.

This little gadget is an absolute game-changer when it comes to keeping your H2O pure and crisp. The alternative to the pricier LG filters is readily available. Waterdrop refrigerator water filter enhances this experience. 

Designed as a replacement for the LG LT1000P, this refrigerator water filter is a total must-have for anyone who values clean, fresh-tasting water straight from their fridge.

It’s not just about taste—this replacement refrigerator water filter rocks an impressive gallon capacity, ensuring you’ve got plenty of fresh water on tap. 

Whether you have visitors over or just need a refreshing sip after a workout, the gallon capacity replacement refrigerator water filter has got you covered. 

So, get ready to say goodbye to bottled water and hello to convenience with the LG Water Filter ADQ747935. Cheers to hydration, the smart way! 

What Does the LG Water Filter ADQ747935 Do?

let me tell ya about the LG Water Filter ADQ747935, which also goes by LT1000P. This little gadget is all about giving you the best drinking water and ice by seriously cutting down on nasty stuff like pesticides, chemicals, and detergents. If you have an LG InstaView or a Kenmore Door-in-Door fridge, this filter’s got your back.

Now, don’t we all just want water that tastes great and is safe? This filter ain’t messing around, doing its job to keep you and your family happy and healthy.

What Is the Filtration Process of the LG Water Filter ADQ747935?

Removing the Old Filter:

  1. Open the filter cover by pressing the push button and pulling the filter downward.
  2. Turn the old filter counter-clockwise to take it outta the manifold hole.

Installing the New Filter:

  1. Pop open the new filter and take off the protective cover from the o-rings.
  2. With the filter tabs in the horizontal position, push the new filter into the manifold hole, rotate it up into place, and close the cover.
  3. Run 1-2 liters of water to get rid of trapped air and flush the system.
  4. Press and release the dispenser pad in cycles of 30 seconds ON and 60 seconds OFF. This makes sure everything’s filtering properly.

Replacement Frequency:

  • LG says to swap out the water filter every six months, or sooner if you’re using it a lot to ensure your water tastes great. This helps prevent any water leakage or flooding.

Filter Capacity:

  • The ADQ747935 filter can handle 200 gallons or about six months of use.

Filter Change Alert:

  • Some LG fridges have a handy filter change alert light that’ll let you know when it’s time for a new water filter cartridge.

What Contaminants Does the LG Water Filter ADQ747935 Remove?

about the LG water filter ADQ747935 – it’s pretty awesome at making sure your drinking water and ice are super clean. Here’s what it does for ya:

  • Asbestos: This nasty stuff is a known carcinogen, but no worries! The filter gets rid of it so you can sip easily from your original LG filters.
  • Benzene: Yikes, benzene is toxic and also carcinogenic. good news though, the filter takes care of it.
  • Mercury: Heavy metal mercury? Gone with the water filter replacement for LG refrigerators. This filter keeps it out of your water.
  • Lead: Lead is seriously bad for your health, but you’re covered with this filter – it removes lead too.
  • Iron: Nobody likes weird tastes or odors in their water, and iron can cause that. This filter significantly reduces iron.
  • Particles: Say goodbye to cloudy water. The filter gets rid of particles that mess with water clarity and taste.
  • Chlorine: Chlorine is common in treated water, but it can affect the taste. This filter reduces chlorine for better flavour.

All these nasties are removed through some cool physical and chemical processes, so you get clean, fresh-tasting water every time. Cheers to that!

LG Water Filter ADQ747935 Review

Unique Features:

  • Improves Taste and Odor: Filters out contaminants like chlorine, cysts, and heavy metals to provide bottled water quality on demand.
  • Long-Lasting: Should be replaced every 6 months or 757 litres, whichever comes first, to ensure optimal performance.
  • NSF Certified: Tested and certified by NSF International to ensure high-quality drinking water.


  • Effective Contaminant Removal: Reduces chlorine, cysts, and heavy metals for improved taste and odour.
  • Easy Replacement: Simple to install and replace, ensuring continued effective filtration.
  • Long-Lasting: Lasts for 6 months or 757 litres, whichever comes first, to minimize replacement frequency.


  • Limited Compatibility: Designed specifically for LG refrigerators with the LT1000P filter.
  • Higher Cost: May be more expensive than other filters on the market.
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I’ve been using the LG LT1000P water filter for my refrigerator, and I gotta say, it’s been pretty awesome. This little gadget is super compatible with LG fridges and really easy to pop in and out.

The LG LT1000P filter works hard to get rid of all the nasty stuff in your water. It uses activated carbon and some other fancy tech to filter out chlorine, lead, and other gross impurities. It also helps cut down on odors, so your water tastes way better.

One of the best things about this filter is how easy it is to install. No need to be a plumber or anything. Just follow the simple steps, and you’re good to go. Replacing it is just as easy, so you won’t be dealing with any headaches there.

Most people seem pretty happy with the LG LT1000P. They’ve noticed a big improvement in water taste and less gunk in their water. Some folks mentioned it might not work as well if you’ve got super hard water or really high contamination levels, though.

LG LT1000P is a solid choice for an LG fridge water filter. It’s easy to use and does a great job cleaning up your water. It might not be perfect for everyone, especially if your water is really tough, but it’s a convenient and reliable option for most.

Rating: 4.5/5

If you’re looking for a reliable, no-fuss water filter for your LG fridge, I’d totally recommend the LG LT1000P. It makes your water taste fresh and clean without any hassle. Give it a shot and see the difference!

Go grab one now and enjoy cleaner, fresher water!


Here are three customer reviews for the LG LT1000P refrigerator water filter:

The LG filter is exactly what I need for a replacement filter. Easy to install!! I always keep one extra to install as needed. Price is right and they arrive sooner than expected. Thank you!


The filter does not fit and the number on the filter cartridge is different than on the picture. Would like to get the right filter or a refund please. Super frustrating. Let me know how to send back please.

Susan Jowaiszas

Love these replacement filters, fast delivery, excellent quality, so convenient.

Virginia Lennox

What Are the Benefits of Using the LG Water Filter ADQ747935?

If you’ve got an LG refrigerator, let me tell you about the LG Water Filter ADQ747935, or as some folks call it, the LT1000P2.

It’s a real game-changer for your water and ice. Here’s why you’ll love it:

Top-Notch Drinking Water and Ice

This filter makes sure your water and ice are top quality by cutting out all sorts of nasty stuff like pesticides, chemicals, and detergents. Using the pureplus water filter ensures even better filtration.

So, you and your family get nothing but the best.

Powerful Contaminant Removal

Image of Powerful Contaminant Removal
Image source: amazon.com

It’s designed to tackle a wide range of contaminants:

  • Pesticides
  • Chemicals
  • Detergents
  • Chlorine
  • Heavy metals like lead
  • Organic chemicals
  • VOCs (those are volatile organic compounds)
  • Disinfection byproducts
  • Herbicides

Long-Lasting Freshness

Your water and ice stay fresh for a long time. Just remember to swap out the filter every six months or so, especially if you’re a heavy water user. That way, you avoid any risk of leaks or floods.

Easy Compatibility and Installation

This filter is made just for LG fridges. It’s super easy to install, and it comes with step-by-step instructions. No fuss at all!

NSF Certification

It’s NSF certified, which means it’s been thoroughly tested and meets high standards for water filtration. You can trust it to keep your water clean and safe.

Extra Perks

Sticking with genuine LG filters like the ADQ747935 means you won’t mess up your fridge with some knock-offs. LG offers subscription services and promotions for their filters, so you can keep your water quality up without breaking the bank.

How to Install the LG Water Filter ADQ747935?

Installing your new LG Water Filter (ADQ747935 or LT1000P2) is super easy, and I’m gonna help you do it step by step.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Remove the Old Water Filter

Open the Filter Cover: First, press the push button to pop open the filter cover.

image of Open the Filter Cover
Image source: lg.com

Pull Out the Old Filter: Grab the old filter, pull it down, and twist it counterclockwise to remove it from the filter housing.

Image of Pull Out the Old Filter
Image source: lg.com

Step 2: Install the New Water Filter

  1. Remove Protective Cover: Take your new filter, open it up, and remove the protective cover from the o-rings.
  2. Align the Filter: Make sure the filter tabs are horizontal, then push the new filter into the hole.
  3. Rotate and Close: Rotate the filter up into place and close the cover. Easy peasy!

Step 3: Remove Trapped Air

  1. Dispense Water: Run 1-2 liters of water to get rid of any trapped air and flush the system with your new water filter cartridge installed.
  2. Flush the System: Press and release the dispenser pad in 30 seconds on and 60 seconds off cycles.

Additional Tips

  • Replace Filter Regularly: LG recommends changing the water filter every six months or so. If you use a lot of water, you might need to do it sooner to avoid leaks or flooding.
  • Use Only LG Brand Filters: Always use LG brand filters that aren’t expired. Non-LG filters or using a filter for more than six months can cause issues.

Compatibility and Installation

The LG LT1000P2 filter works with a bunch of LG fridge models like:

  • GF-D708BSL, GF-D708MBSL, GF-L570MBL, GF-L570PL, GF-L677SL, GF-L708PL, GF-V570MBL, GF-V708BSL, GF-V708MBSL, GF-V910MBSL, SG-5I700TSL
  • LFXC24796D, LFXC24796S, LFXS30796D, LFXS30796S, LMXC23796D, LMXC23796S, LMXS30796D, LMXS30796S, LSFXC2496D, LSXC22396D, LSXC22396S, LSXS26396S

Maintenance and Warranty

  • Maintenance: Regularly check and replace the water filter to keep your drinking water and ice top-notch.
  • Warranty: Only using LG brand filters keeps your warranty intact and ensures your fridge works perfectly.

Where Can the LG Water Filter ADQ747935 Be Purchased?

Image source: amazon.com

Looking to buy the ADQ747935? This replacement water filter is a popular choice for many LG refrigerator models, like the replacement for LG LT1000P and others.

It’s great for maintaining the quality of your drinking water by removing contaminants like lead and pesticides, ensuring clean and safe water for your family.

The refrigerator water filter replacement also has a 200 gallon capacity replacement refrigerator and needs changing every 6 months or so.

You can find it on websites like Amazon, Walmart, and LG’s official site (LG USA).

Another option is the pureplus adq747935 replacement for LG, which is less expensive but still gets the job done as a water filter replacement for LG models. It fits models like the Kenmore 46-9980, offering the same benefits of fresh, clean water.

All LG water filters are certified by NSF International, so you know you’re getting quality.

If you own a fancy Waterdrop refrigerator water filter, you’ll notice the improved water quality immediately LG craft ice refrigerator, this filter replacement for LG is your go-to choice along with the lt120f air filter and not to forget adq747935 replacement for LG lt1000p mdj64844601.

Don’t skimp on your health; upgrade your refrigerator water filter and air filters to breathe easy and enjoy better-tasting water.

Also, consider the compatible replacement for lg lt700p if you have an older model. If online shopping is your thing, eBay’s worth a look, but always make sure to get genuine LG water filters.

The improved water taste alone is worth it, not to mention your peace of mind knowing harmful particles are being filtered by removing contaminants like chlorine and more.


What is the LG Water Filter ADQ747935?

The LG Water Filter ADQ747935 is a replacement refrigerator water filter designed to provide clean and safe drinking water for up to 6 months or 200 gallons, whichever comes first.

How often should I replace the refrigerator water filter?

You should replace the LT1000PC ADQ747935 MDJ64844601 refrigerator water filter every 6 months or after filtering 200 gallons of water to ensure optimal performance and water quality.

Is this filter compatible with Kenmore refrigerators?

Yes, the ADQ747935 is a replacement for Kenmore refrigerators, offering a high-quality alternative to the original filters.

How do I install the LG ADQ747935 refrigerator filter?

Installation of the water filter is simple. Follow the instructions provided in the user manual, which usually involves turning off the water supply, removing the old filter, and inserting the new one until it clicks into place.

Can I use Waterdrop replacement cartridges as an alternative?

Yes, Waterdrop replacement for LG filters and Pureplus water filter replacement cartridges can be used as alternatives to the LG ADQ747935.

What contaminants does the ADQ747935 filter remove?

The filter is NSF International certified to meet industry-leading filtration standards, effectively removing contaminants such as chlorine, lead, and other impurities commonly found in water.

What is the 200-gallon capacity replacement refrigerator water filter’s role?

It ensures that your refrigerator water dispenser provides clean, great-tasting water by filtering out impurities for up to 200 gallons.

Will changing the water filter affect water pressure?

Yes, using an old filter can reduce water pressure. Replacing it with a new one, like the ADQ74793501, typically restores proper water flow and pressure.

Can I use an air filter replacement simultaneously with the water filter?

Yes, for optimal performance, consider using an LG LT120F refrigerator air filter replacement along with your LG ADQ747935 refrigerator water filter.

How do I know when it’s time for the next filter change?

Some refrigerators have a filter change indicator light. If your model doesn’t, mark your calendar for 6 months from the installation date or monitor the water taste and water pressure for signs of deterioration.

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