LG Dryer Not Spinning? Follow These Troubleshooting Tips from LG Repair Clinic

common causes like a broken belt, worn out drum roller, or clogged lint filter. The guide also provides instructions on how to replace the belt, rollers, and thermal fuse. If the dryer still won’t spin after following these steps.

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Oh no, hit a snag with your LG dryer, and it’s just sitting there without spinning? It might be time to check the power cord and circuit breaker as part of your dryer repair efforts.

Don’t sweat it! We’re diving into how to troubleshoot your beloved appliance, from checking the dryer drum to inspecting the blower wheel.

Grab your multimeter and flip that breaker—we’re on a mission to get your LG dryer whirling again! 

Possible Causes of LG Dryer Not Spinning

One of the Common reasons your LG dryer won’t spin include a damaged LG dryer drum, faulty control board, or a broken belt among other repair parts needed to fix an LG dryer.

Broken belt that is around the dryer drum.

If the If the belt is broken, it’s a clear sign that you’ll need replacement repair parts to fix your LG dryer., it won’t allow the dryer drum to rotate.

You can manually check this by attempting to turn the drum by hand. If the drum spins easily, it’s likely the belt needs replacing.

Here are the main reasons why your LG dryer not spinning, We covered all the causes with step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting these causes.

1. Broken Drive Belt

So, when that LG dryer of yours stops spinning, chances are the drive belt said “sayonara”.

I’ve been there, man. 

Fixing it ain’t rocket science, but it can be a pain in the behind if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Here’s how to replace it:

Step 1: Unplug that sucker and shut off gas if it’s a gas dryer. Wear gloves.

Step 2: Take out the lint screen and unscrew the top panel. Use a putty knife to pop off the clips and lean the panel against the wall behind.

Step 3: Unplug the door switch wire thingy and remove the screws holding the front panel. Lift and unhook that panel.

Image of removing top panel of the dryer

Step 4: Pull out the busted drive belt from the drum.

Step 5: Put the new belt around the drum and lift the front to get at the pulleys. Thread it through the idler pulley, and loop over the motor pulley, making sure it’s tight. Vacuum any dust/lint while you’re in there.

2. Faulty Drive Motor

Look man, if that motor for spinning the drum in your LG dryer is busted, the whole thing ain’t gonna work right.

The drum won’t turn and that big blower fan wheel won’t spin either. The dryer just sits there doing nothing when you try to run a cycle.

Happened to me last year, had to call a repair guy to replace the motor.

Wasn’t too expensive, fortunately, but still a hassle, you know?

So, if your dryer’s drive motor is whacked, here’s what you gotta do:

Step 1: Unplug that sucker from the wall and kill the breaker.

Step 2: Take off the back panel to get to the motor. Check your manual if you need help.

Image of Take off the back panel to get to the motor

Step 3: Find the motor and eyeball it for any crispy bits. If it looks fried, replace it.

Image of Finding the motor and eyeball it for any crispy bits. If it looks fried, replace it.

Step 4: Disconnect the wires from the motor terminals, but remember where they were.

Image of disconnecting the wires from the motor terminals

Step 5: Unscrew the motor and yank it out.

Image of removing motor from dryer motor panel

Step 6: Slap the new one in, bolt it down, and reconnect the wires right.

Image of slap the new one in, bolt it down, and reconnect the wires right.

Step 7: Put the panel back on, plug it in, and turn the breaker back on.

Step 8: Run a cycle and make sure it’s spinning like normal.

3. Worn Out Drum Roller

Image of changing Worn Out Drum Roller

Yo, if your LG dryer ain’t spinning ’cause the drum rollers worn out, Watch this video complete for step by step instructions,

here’s how you fix it:

  1. Unplug that sucker and remove the screws from the back of the lid. Slide the lid back and lift it off to get to the rollers.
  2. Slide out that steam drawer thingy and remove the screws on each side. Take off the control panel screws and lift that panel over. Disconnect that door switch and remove the mounting bracket screws.
  3. Open the door and support it. Remove the lower screws on that front panel and lift it away. Move that mounting bracket aside and disconnect the light bulb and moisture sensor. Remove the bulkhead screws to access their rollers.
  4. Move that tension pulley left to get the belt off. Lift out the whole drum. Use the right sockets to loosen the roller nuts and swap in the new rollers.
  5. Put the drum back in and get that belt wrapped around right. Reinstall the bulkhead, lining up the tabs and drum rims. Spin it to check the belt alignment.
  6. Reconnect the moisture sensor and bulb. Secure the bulkhead. Reinstall the door, panels, control panel – all that stuff you took apart. Bam, fixed!

4. Malfunctioning Idler Assembly

Ya gotta fix that noisy dryer, right? Here’s how ya do it, but I’ll keep it short ‘n’ sweet:

  1. That idler thingy keeps the drum belt tight, but if it’s worn out, you’ll hear some loud scraping or thumping coming from the dryer.
  2. Unplug that bad boy, safety first!
  3. Take off the panel to get to that idler assembly.
  4. Check it out, if it looks beat up or wobbling, you gotta replace it.
  5. Get yourself a new idler assembly that fits your LG dryer model.
  6. Pop that sucker in where the old one was, and make sure it’s in there good.
  7. Plug it back in and give ‘er a spin, no more noise means you did it right!

5. Defective Thermal Fuse

Is your LG dryer ain’t heating up? Could be that the thermal fuse acting up again. That little guy’s supposed to cut power if things get too hot, but sometimes it just craps out for no reason.

First thing, check if it’s busted with one of them multimeter doohickeys. No continuity means it’s fried. Got continuity? Could be something else causing issues.

If it is the thermal fuse, get ready to do some dismantling. Unscrew that top panel off the back, and pull out the control panel up front after you deal with the locking tabs. Maybe move a support bracket too to get full access.

Once you have eyes on that little thermal fuse, swap the old busted one for a new one. Put everything back the way you found it and hopefully, that solves your heating woes! Let me know if you need any clarification on the steps.

6. Clogged Lint Filter

Is your LG dryer ain’t spinning? The lint filter’s probably clogged. Here’s how to clean it:

  1. Open the door and find that lint filter thing, inside or on top.
  2. Pull it straight out, and don’t forget to inspect the dryer vent for any blockages that might be affecting the performance of your LG dryer.
  3. Crumple some aluminium foil and scrub off any gunk from dryer sheets and stuff.
  4. If it’s still dirty, soak it in hot soapy water and scrub with a brush.
  5. Rinse it well under water and let it fully dry before putting back.
  6. Once dry, shove that filter back in its slot ’til it clicks.

You gotta clean that lint filter after every load. It keeps the airflow going and prevents lint build-up which can make drying take forever, waste energy, and maybe even start a fire. Don’t slack on it!

How do you connect an LG dryer to WiFi?

First up, turn that bad boy on and hold down the WiFi button for like 3 seconds till the light starts blinking, got it?

Next, grab your phone and go to the WiFi settings. You’ll see a network called LG_Smart or something. Connect to that joint by entering the last 4 digits of the name twice as the password. Like if it’s DE5EDE5E, you enter DE5E twice.

Once you’re on that LG_Smart network, open up the LG ThinQ app and register your dryer to your home WiFi. Pick your network, type in that password, and wait for the WiFi icon to stay solid. That means it’s connected, fam.

LG dryer won’t spin with heavy load

If your LG dryer ain’t spinnin’ with a heavy load, the problem could be the clothes are unbalanced, making the drum stop. Try these:

  1. Respread the clothes evenly around the drum. Pause cycle if needed, redistribute the load, and then restart.
  2. Big items like sheets or blankets can get off-balance during spin. Use a lower spin speed or add more stuff to balance it out.
  3. Do a test cycle:
    • Turn washer on
    • Press and hold RINSE & SPIN on your LG dryer 
    • Press START/PAUSE
    • Let it fill and start rinsing
    • Pause cycle by pressing START/PAUSE again, then power off
    • Power back on
    • Select high spin speed for spin-only cycle. If it spins normally, just need to adjust load size.

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