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TCL error code on your LG washer doesn’t mean trouble – it’s just a friendly reminder that it needs the tub clean cycle run soon. This cycle helps prevent gross buildup and funky smells inside the drum. To fix the TCL code, simply add some cleaning solution, select tub clean on the panel, and let the washer do its thing for 1-2 hours. Be sure to run this cycle regularly, about every 30 loads, for proper maintenance.

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You’ve got a TCL error popping up on your LG washer? That mysterious code on the display can be a real head-scratcher.

But no worries, it’s all about your machine kindly reminding you it’s time for a tub clean cycle.

Before you freak out, let’s dive into what this TCL error on your LG washing machine means, and how you can get back to your wash without missing a beat.

It’s as simple as hitting a button on the panel and giving your appliance the clean-up it deserves. Stick around, and we’ll get that sorted in no time!

What does TCL mean in LG washer?

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The TCL error code on your LG washer stands for TUB CLEAN. It ain’t an error tho, just a heads up that you need to run the TUB CLEAN cycle soon. (Source)

This cycle helps prevent nasty buildup and funky smells from happening in the drum.

So when you see that TCL code popping up, it’s basically the washer telling you to give it a good scrubbing with that special cleaning program it got.

How do I fix the TCL code on my LG washer?

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that TCL code on ya LG washer just means it’s time to run that TUB CLEAN cycle, all right? This cycle helps keep things fresh and prevents any nasty buildup or smells from happening inside that bad boy. 

Here’s what you gotta do:

  1. First up, make sure ya see that TCL code on the display. If it’s there, we’re good to go.
  2. Empty out the tub, don’t leave any clothes or junk in there.
  3. Next, you’ll need to add some kinda cleaning solution. You can use a machine cleaner or mix up some bleach and water (1/4 cup bleach + 1 quart water). Check the manual if you’re unsure.
  4. Now find that TUB CLEAN cycle option on ya washer. It might be a button or on the knob thingy. Refer to the manual if you can’t find it.
  5. Once you select it, let your rip! The washer will start that cleaning cycle automatically.
  6. Keep an eye on the progress, it usually takes like 1-2 hours to finish up.
  7. After it’s all done, just restart the washer to make sure everything’s running smoothly.
  8. To avoid seeing that TCL code again, run the TUB CLEAN every 30 cycles or whatever the manual recommends for regular maintenance.

Easy peasy, just keep that tub nice and clean from time to time!


  • Be sure ya use the right amount of tub cleaner, like what the bottle’s label says. (Don’t mix in detergent or fabric softener, because that might make too many bubbles or mess up the cleaning power.)
  • Avoid acidic cleaners, because they might make the tub change colour or even eat away at it.
  • And hey, don’t toss in the laundry when the Tub Clean cycle’s running. It’s supposed to be just water and cleaner, no clothes. Adding laundry might make the cleanin’ not as good and could mess up the clothes really bad.

Should I not be running my washing machine?

So this washing machine error code thing – Yes, it’s probably best not to run the washing machine if you’re getting an error message.

This “TCL” error seems to be telling you that the machine needs a good cleaning cycle run. That “TUB CLEAN” program is meant to scrub out any gross buildup or funkiness that might be happening inside there.

Running it every so often helps keep things fresh and prevents stinking up your laundry.

What Are the Most Common TCL Codes for LG Washers?

1. UE/UEE Error

Image source: lg.com

That UE/UEE error code on your LG washer means your load ain’t balanced right. It can be ’cause the clothes ain’t spread out evenly or some part is busted. 

Here’s what you gotta do:

  • Check their clothes: Make sure the heavy stuff ain’t all bunched up on one side. Spread them out nice and even in there. If it’s a small load, toss in some extras to even out the weight.
  • Adjust the legs: See if the washer is wobbling around on their legs. If it ain’t level, adjust them til it’s standing sturdy when it starts spinning.
  • Look for broken parts: If the error keeps popping up after you balance the load, might be a damper shock or suspension spring broke. Unplug that bad boy, pop off the top and check the parts. If they busted, replace them or call a pro.
  • Run that TUB CLEAN cycle: If nothing else works, that error probably means gunk buildup in there. Run that TUB CLEAN setting to give it a deep clean and get rid of the code.

Run rinse and spin cycle without load.

  1. Make sure the drum is completely empty, ya know?
  2. Turn that machine on, man! Power it up.
  3. Yo, select that RINSE AND SPIN cycle option.
  4. Don’t forget to hit that start button, alright?

This cycle gonna take around 20 minutes or so

2. OE Error

  • Check that drain hose – make sure ain’t no kinks or clogs blocking it up. Clear out any gunk and make sure that water can flow freely.
  • Clean the pump filter, you – take that thing out and get rid of any lint, dirt or whatever else piled up in there. LG say you are supposed to do this every month at least.
  • That drain hose gotta be installed right – no twists or bends allowed. It needs a clear path to let that water out smoothly.
  • Peep the drain pump – if it’s busted or clogged up, that could be the problem. Might have replaced the whole thing.
  • If all else fails – unplug that washer for 5 minutes to reset it. If the error still won’t quit, you are going to need to call a repair dude to come fix it for you.

3. PE Error

Image source: lg.com
  • Reset that bad boy – Unplug it for like 5 minutes then plug it back in. Could just need a reset to make that error go away.
  • Check the wires – Take a look at the ones hooking the water sensor to the control board. Make sure the connections are tight and ain’t no damage or burnt spots. Use a multimeter to test if they working.
  • Clean that sensor – If the wires look good, there might just be gunk buildup on the sensor itself. Take it out, give it a good scrubbing, then put it back.
  • Replace busted parts – If the wires or sensor is fried, you gotta get new ones from LG. Don’t cheap out with knockoffs.
  • Call for backup – If nothing else works, you might need a certified repair guy to come check what other parts could be causing that PE nonsense. Don’t try fixing the control board yourself.

What to do if you can’t fix itself

To contact LG USA support:

  • Visit the LG USA support website at lg.com/us/support
  • Use the 24/7 online chat to speak with a support representative
  • Call 1-800-243-0000 for their customer support phone number


What does it mean when my LG washing machine is showing TCL?

If your LG washing machine is displaying a TCL error code, it’s an indication or signal that it’s time to run the tub clean cycle. This isn’t an error message to worry about but a friendly reminder to clean the tub to prevent odors and buildup.

How do I clear the TCL code on my LG washer?

To clear the TCL code on your LG washer, you need to complete the tub clean cycle. Simply add the recommended amount of tub cleaner or bleach into the dispenser, select the ‘Tub Clean’ cycle, then press the start button. Once the cycle is complete, the message should disappear.

Can I run a tub clean cycle on both top load washer and front loader LG washers?

Yes, you can run a tub clean cycle on both LG front load washer and top load washer models. The process may vary slightly between models, so it’s a good idea to check your specific washer’s manual on the LG site or the related help library for precise instructions.

What should I do if the TCL code doesn’t clear after running the tub clean cycle?

If the TCL code remains after you complete the tub clean cycle, try running the cycle again with detergent specifically designed for tub cleaning. If the code persists, you might want to troubleshoot further for underlying issues, such as checking the drain pump filter for obstructions or ensuring there’s no residue left in the detergent dispensers.

Are there any tips to prevent the TCL code from showing up frequently?

To prevent the TCL code from appearing frequently on your LG washer, make sure to run a tub clean cycle regularly, at least once a month, depending on your usage. Keeping the washer door and the detergent dispenser drawer slightly open after each wash cycle to promote air circulation can also help reduce moisture and prevent odors in the machine.

Is it normal to hear noise or see suds during the tub clean cycle?

Yes, it’s normal to hear noise or see suds during the tub clean cycle. The cycle is designed to use higher water temperatures and speeds to thoroughly clean the drum, which may result in different noises compared to a regular wash cycle. Suds may also occur, especially if you’re using a tub cleaner, but they should rinse away by the end of the cycle.

Will running the tub clean cycle affect my washer’s warranty?

Running the tub clean cycle as recommended by LG will not affect your washer’s warranty. Regularly cleaning your machine as instructed can help maintain its performance and longevity, which is beneficial in keeping your appliance in the right place regarding warranty standards.

Where can I find more information on how to use and troubleshoot my LG washer?

For more detailed information on using and troubleshooting your LG washer, including how to clear error codes and run specific cycles, you can visit the LG site and navigate to their help library. This resource may help you find related help library articles, top posts on the LG subreddit, or a transcript detailing your specific issue for additional support.

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