LG Refrigerator Error Code ER CO: Step-by-Step Guide

ER CO error code indicates a communication error between the fridge’s main parts. It could be caused by a loose wire, power surge or even a faulty circuit board. Easy troubleshooting steps like resetting the power and checking connections. If those don’t work, it might be time to call a repair person.

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Like, it is not talking to you anymore, and there’s this strange code flashing on the display – ER CO? Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean it’s time to toss the whole fridge just yet!

Our in-depth guide is here to decode the ER CO error code mystery and get your fridge talking (or rather, displaying) again. We will break down everything you need to know in a way that’s easy to understand, even for folks who aren’t exactly appliance repair wizards.

ditch the stress and frustration – we have the cool (pun intended) solutions you need to get your LG fridge back up and running in no time. Want to save money on a repair person and become a fridge-fixing hero? Keep reading!

Decoding ER CO Error Code for Quick Solutions!

The ‘LG refrigerator ER CO error code is a complex challenge demanding in-depth comprehension for a successful resolution.

Let’s explore the intricacies of this error.

Core Issue The ‘LG refrigerator ER CO’ error code is an alert that indicates a communication failure, necessitating immediate inspection. This issue is a red flag for a breakdown in the conversation between the main board and the display PCB, both of which are essential for the seamless operation of the refrigerator[1][8].

Possible Causes:

  • Main Board or Display PCB Failure A primary culprit for the ‘LG refrigerator ER CO error could be a defect in the main board or the display PCB. These components are the heart of the refrigerator’s functionality, and any disruption can lead to a communication failure.[1][2].
  • Wire Disconnection Another potential cause for the ‘LG refrigerator ER CO error might be the disconnection of wires, which are integral in maintaining the communication between these critical components of the refrigerator[1][2]. Such disconnections could stem from physical damage, wear and tear, or improper installation.
  • Temporary Electrical Issues An unstable power supply or other electrical factors could also be responsible for a temporary disruption in communication, triggering the ‘LG refrigerator ER CO’ error code. It’s important to note that not all triggers are permanent or necessitate extensive repairs.[1][2].

Grasping these elements is essential for accurately diagnosing the ‘LG refrigerator ER CO issue and initiating the correct troubleshooting steps.

Top Causes Behind the ER CO Error

image of Common Causes of the ER CO Error
image source: lg.com

From my experience, grasping the common causes behind the LG refrigerator ER CO error code is crucial for effective troubleshooting.

Here are the key factors that may lead to this error:

  • Electrical Instability:
    • The ‘LG refrigerator ER CO error may occasionally stem from a temporary glitch, possibly due to an unstable power supply or other electrical disturbances[1][2]. This highlights the importance of ensuring a stable power source for the refrigerator.
  • Component Failure:
    • Critical failures within the refrigerator’s system, such as the main board or display PCB failure, are common culprits behind the LG refrigerator ER CO error code[1]. Additionally, wire disconnection could interrupt the communication necessary for the fridge’s operations [1]. It’s essential to inspect these components for any signs of malfunction or disconnection.
  • Operational Issues:
    • Door switch or control panel problems can also provoke the ER CO error [5]. These issues could stem from improper use, such as forcefully shutting the refrigerator doors or neglecting regular maintenance. Ensuring the control panel is clean and addressing unusual noises promptly can prevent the LG refrigerator ER CO error[3].

By focusing on these areas, you can pinpoint the root cause of the LG refrigerator ER CO error and take appropriate steps to resolve it, maintaining your appliance’s efficiency.

LG Refrigerator Error Code ER CO: Comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide for Quick Solutions

When faced with the LG refrigerator error code ER CO, a systematic approach can help resolve the issue efficiently. Here’s a step-by-step troubleshooting guide, offering support to assist you:

Power Reset:

Initial Step

unplug the refrigerator or trip the circuit breaker to cut the power. Wait for about 5 minutes before restoring power, which can sometimes clear the LG refrigerator ER CO error[1].

Extended Reset

If the error persists, unplug the refrigerator for a longer duration, approximately 10 minutes, to attempt a more thorough reset and possibly resolve the LG refrigerator ER CO issue[3].

Check Wiring and Components:

Main Control and Display Boards

image source: lg.com

Inspect the wiring between the main control board and the display board. Ensure connections are secure and wires are not damaged, as this is a critical step in troubleshooting the LG refrigerator ER CO error code[3].

Door Connectors

image source: ebayimg.com

Inspect the connectors at the top of the door to ensure they are properly connected and look for any cut cables. If you encounter damage, you might need to consider lg refrigerator ER CO door replacement or repair the wiring with solder and heat-shrinkable tubing for a reliable fix[11].

Component Replacement:

Board Replacement

Should the LG refrigerator ER CO error persist, it’s essential to conduct a thorough product inspection of the main control board, display board, or power board for potential replacement. The absence of a yellow smiley face sticker on the main control board could signal the need for an updated component[10] [11].

Consultation and Manual Check

For ongoing LG refrigerator ER CO issues, consult the user manual or reach out to LG customer support for expert guidance on procuring the correct replacement parts[3].

This comprehensive guide is tailored to address the common causes and provide effective solutions for the LG refrigerator er co error, ensuring your appliance resumes its optimal performance.

When to Contact Professional Support

When dealing with the intricate LG refrigerator er co error code, there are moments when the expertise of professional support is invaluable. Here, we outline scenarios that call for the assistance of skilled technicians:

  • Persistent Error Post-Power Reset:
    • If the LG refrigerator er co error code reappears after a power reset, this suggests a more complex issue that warrants the dedicated support of an LG service technician for a detailed inspection and effective resolution[1][2].
  • Recurring Symptoms and Codes:
  • Uncertainty and Precaution:
    • For those unsure about their appliance’s age or who haven’t started troubleshooting, reaching out for professional support is wise. This step is particularly crucial if the ‘lg refrigerator er co’ error code has appeared recently, signalling an issue that may require immediate attention[4][13].

Contacting LG customer support or a certified technician is beneficial not only for rectifying the ‘lg refrigerator er co’ error but also for proactively identifying and addressing any potential problems that could worsen without timely support.

The estimated cost was meant to say CF error code, not ER CO. Fixing this fridge stinks! One guy online said it cost him around $200 to $300 to get his LG fridge fixed with a CF error. that might just be his case. Different thingy broke, different price tag, you know?

Preventive Measures to Avoid Future Errors

To prevent future occurrences of the ‘lg refrigerator er co’ error and to keep your appliance performing at its best, consider implementing the following preventative strategies:

Regular Maintenance and Inspection:

  • Regularly perform checks on your refrigerator’s components, both inside and out, ensuring cleanliness and the proper functioning of wiring and connections to avoid the ‘lg refrigerator er co’ error[1][11].
  • Verify that the wiring at the top of the door and the connections between the power board and display are secure and undamaged to prevent the ‘lg refrigerator er co’ error from arising[11].
  • Keep a vigilant eye on your refrigerator’s operation, promptly addressing any anomalies or error codes, such as the ‘lg refrigerator er co’, to avert potential complications[14][15].

Operational Best Practices:

  • Always handle the refrigerator doors with care, closing them softly to prevent damage to internal components that could trigger the ‘lg refrigerator er co’ communication error[3].
  • To prevent the common ‘LG refrigerator ER CO error, it’s crucial to keep the control panel immaculate and devoid of dust accumulation, which can interfere with the appliance’s functionality and precipitate errors[1][3].
  • Stay vigilant for unusual noises or signs of malfunction in your LG refrigerator. Addressing these promptly can help circumvent the ‘LG refrigerator ER CO’ error and stave off potential issues[3].

Adhering to these maintenance guidelines can significantly diminish the chances of encountering the ‘LG refrigerator ER CO’ error, thereby ensuring the longevity and efficient operation of your LG appliance.


Throughout this article, we have thoroughly examined the ‘LG refrigerator ER CO error code, elucidating its implications and providing a strategic troubleshooting guide.

We have underscored the importance of comprehending and rectifying the issues linked to this error for the continued performance of your LG refrigerator.

root causes Our exploration included assessing key components and implementing targeted solutions, such as a power reset or component replacement, to restore your LG refrigerator’s optimal functionality.

We also highlighted when it’s prudent to seek professional assistance for the ‘LG refrigerator ER CO’ error.

Moreover, we have discussed preventative strategies to avert future instances of the ‘LG refrigerator ER CO’ error, spotlighting regular maintenance and prompt error code responses as key to maintaining your refrigerator’s efficiency.

This guide aims to be a valuable resource for managing your LG appliance and ensuring its role as a dependable facet of your household.


What does the ‘CO’ error code signify on an LG refrigerator?

The ‘CO’ error code on an LG refrigerator signals a ‘communication failure’ between the main control board and the display PCB. This malfunction could stem from a defect in either the main board or display PCB, or from a disconnection in the wiring. An LG service technician should be contacted to inspect and resolve the ‘LG refrigerator ER CO’ error.

How can I reset the error code displayed on my LG refrigerator?

To troubleshoot the ‘LG refrigerator er co’ error code, you should first disconnect the appliance from its power source by unplugging the power cord or flipping off the circuit breaker specifically for the refrigerator. Allow about 5 minutes before restoring power. Should the ‘LG refrigerator er co’ error persist, it’s crucial to seek assistance from a qualified LG service technician who can provide an in-depth analysis.

What does the ‘ER’ error code mean on an LG refrigerator?

An “ER” error code, or “_er_e” display notification, on your LG refrigerator, indicates a potential malfunction affecting temperature regulation. This could result in inadequate cooling performance.

How do I perform a control panel reset on my LG refrigerator?

To perform a reset on the control panel of your LG refrigerator, which may resolve the ‘lg refrigerator er co’ error, simply disconnect the fridge from the electrical outlet for a couple of minutes. After this short interval, reconnecting the unit should effectively reset the control panel, potentially clearing the error code.


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