LG Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working (Simple Fix)

Is your LG fridge thirsty but the water dispenser is on strike? Don’t despair! I researched common reasons why LG water dispensers sputter or stop completely. The fixes? Often surprisingly simple. In few minutes, you could be enjoying a refreshing glass of water, courtesy of your fridge again. Ready to bring your dispenser back to life? Let’s dive in! A …

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Is your LG fridge thirsty but the water dispenser is on strike? Don’t despair! I researched common reasons why LG water dispensers sputter or stop completely. The fixes? Often surprisingly simple.

In few minutes, you could be enjoying a refreshing glass of water, courtesy of your fridge again. Ready to bring your dispenser back to life?

Let’s dive in!

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LG Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working

If that LG refrigerator not dispensing water, the first thing you check is the water filter

See, that thing gets all clogged up over time from all the gunk and junk in the water. right? So it stops the water flowing through to the dispenser part. 

My advice would be to swap out that filter every 6 months or so. 

Keeps everything running smooth and your water tasting fresh.

Don’t be sleeping on changing the filters regularly if you want that dispenser working properly for ice and water.

Replace the water filter

1. Locate the water filter compartment inside the refrigerator, usually in the top left corner. Look for a small door with a “PUSH” button.

2. Push the button and pull down to open the filter compartment door.

3. Twist the old, dirty water filter counter-clockwise and remove it from the compartment.

4. Take the cap off the new water filter you purchased.

Locate the water filter compartment inside the refrigerator, usually in the top left corner. Look for a small door with a "PUSH" button.
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5. Insert the new filter into the compartment, lining up the tabs on the side.

6. Then, twist it clockwise until it locks into place.

7. Close the filter compartment door, ensuring it clicks shut tightly.

8. To flush out the new filter, dispense about 2.5 gallons of water into the sink or a container. This removes any debris or particles.

9. Press and hold the “FILTER” or “RESET” button for about 5 seconds to reset the filter light indicator.

Check water filter head

Image source:lg.com

Peep that water filter head, you know, the part where the filter connects to. Give it a good once-over, and see if there are any cracks, damage, or wear and tear going on.

Make sure that filter head ain’t gone rogue, you dig? It should be locked down tight, not all loose and detached like a rebel without a cause.

When you’re slapping in a fresh new filter, check that the filter head is lined up properly. Those tabs on the side gotta be engaged, you feel me? Can’t have it all wonky and misaligned.

If that filter head looks rough or acting up, might need to swap it out for a new one. The part number you’ll need is AKN72949003 for that LG water filter head assembly.

Check refrigerator control pad

Image of Check refrigerator control pad

check if the control panel is locked or in some weird mode like Showroom or Sabbath mode, which can mess with the functions. Just peep the owner’s manual on how to get out those special modes.

Make sure the control panel is hooked up properly, you dig? Like, if you just installed the fridge or took the doors off, double-check that the wiring harness is plugged in tight.

Sometimes, a reset can do the trick. Just unplug the fridge or flip the circuit breaker for like 30 seconds. That might fix any temporary glitches in the control panel.

Give the control panel a good once-over, and see if there are any cracks or wear and tear that could be causing problems.

If none of that works, it might be a bigger issue with the control board or other internal parts. In that case, you might need to call a pro to fix the control board issues.

Refrigerator “thinks” the door is open

check that button or switch inside the fridge door. Make sure that door switch is getting pressed in all the way when you close the door.

If it ain’t, try sticking a little pad or something on the door to give it that extra push.

Make sure that the fridge door is closing tight, you heard? If it ain’t sealing properly, the fridge might think the door is open, and it won’t let that water dispenser work its magic.

Frozen water line / water reservoir

if that filter ain’t the problem, you check for them frozen pipes dawg. Grab your hair dryer or heat gun and hit up any icy sections on that line, especially the ones hiding behind the fridge or in that producing area.

Now if it’s just partially frozen, disconnect that line from the fridge and let it chill (haha) in some warm air till it thaws out.

Once it’s clear, peep for any leaks, clogs, or other junk that coulda caused the freeze up.

But if that whole line is on lockdown icy, first thing’s first – kill the power to your fridge. Then use a syringe or one of the “water line buddy” tools to squirt some warm water up in there and melt that blockage away.

After you free that lineup, reconnect the water supply, power that fridge back on, and test that dispenser out dawg.

Run a few cups through to flush out any old nasty water too, ensuring your ice and water dispenser works flawlessly.

Check water dispenser switch / arm

When your LG refrigerator is not dispensing water or ice, the first step to troubleshooting is to check for issues at the water dispenser switch or arm.

A defective dispenser switch can halt water flow to the dispenser, making it essential to examine.

If the problem persists and your refrigerator dispenser still fails to dispense water or ice, considering a professional refrigerator repair might be the next step.

Before proceeding, ensure the lock button on your LG refrigerator door isn’t activated, as this can also prevent the dispenser from working. 

Make sure water is connected

Image of Make sure water is connected
Image source: lg.com

first thing I’d say is, make sure your fridge is hooked up right to the water line, you dig? 

double-check that sucker is tightly connected and the water supply itself is switched on – cuz if the water ain’t even reaching the fridge, that’s gonna be an issue right off the bat.

Next up, take out that old filter and give the water a test run without it. If the water starts flowing freely minus the filter. 

That probably means the filter itself was the culprit all along, being all clogged up and such. An easy fix – just swap that bad boy out for a fresh one.

But if water still ain’t coming through after ditching the filter, well shucks, sounds like the problem lies elsewhere. 

Faulty water inlet valve / fill solenoid

Let me break it down for ya in a chill way about fixing that LG fridge’s water dispenser issue. See, at the back of the fridge, there’s this water inlet valve thingy with two “fill solenoids” – one for the ice maker and another for the water dispenser itself. open and close to let water flow to those parts.

But here’s the kicker, over time, these solenoids can be like “nah, I am out” and fail due to mineral buildup, debris, or just straight-up loss of continuity. When that happens, your water dispenser won’t be dispensing water.

No worries though, it’s an easy fix. You just replace that faulty water inlet valve/fill solenoid thingy.

It’s a relatively simple repair that’ll take you like 5 minutes tops once you have the replacement part in hand for your LG appliance.

First thing first, pull that fridge out and locate the water inlet valve at the back. Disconnect the water line and electrical connector from the valve.

Then, remove the old valve and slap in the new replacement part. Reconnect the water line and electrical connector like they were before.

Turn that water back on and test the water dispenser to make sure it’s working properly again. If all goes well, you’ll be sipping on some fresh, cool water in no time!

Make sure you have enough water pressure

Image of Make sure you have enough water pressure
Image source: lg.com

let me break it down for ya about that water pressure situation with your fridge. You keep it in that sweet spot range of like 20 to 120 psi for things to run smooth, you feel me?

But here’s the real deal – if you want that icemaker cranking out the cubes properly, you need it bumpin’ between 40 to 120 psi.

Any lower than 40 and you might end up with some funky hollow ice cubes or that bad boy slowing down on making that ice, which ain’t nobody got time for, am I right?

Oh, and if you got one of them fancy reverse osmosis water filter systems hooked up, listen up – that line feeding the cold water to your fridge has at least 276 kPa of pressure.

In America, that’s like 40 psi at minimum for it to work its magic.

How to order LG refrigerator replacement parts

you gotta find that model number, feel me? It’s usually chilling on a little label inside or on the back of that bad boy.

Next, hit up Repair Clinic’s search tool online and punch in that model number. You’ll see all the parts they have for your specific fridge.

Now browse through and pick out what you need, whether it’s a new door gasket, light bulb, or even a whole compressor if that’s what’s bugging you.

Once you get your part picked, toss it in the cart and check out. Don’t worry fam, Repair Clinic got that fast shipping on deck if you need it like, yesterday.

When that new part shows up at your crib, peep the instructions and get to installing it on your LG like a boss.

LG refrigerator user manual

So this LG fridge manual is like a whole novel, but I’ll break it down for you. First up, they got all the deets on setting this bad boy up – where to put it, how to plug it in, the whole nine yards. 

Then they get into using it, like what all the funky buttons do and how to adjust the temp and stuff.

But here’s where it gets really useful – the troubleshooting section. If your fridge starts acting up, that’ll help you figure out what’s wrong and maybe fix it yourself before calling in the pros. 

They cover all the common issues like weird noises, leaks, and that kinda thing.

Last but not least, there are tips on keeping your fridge clean and maintained so it’ll keep running smoothly for years to come. 

Gotta do stuff like changing the filters regularly and giving it a good deep clean every once in a while.

LG support

LG offers live chat support on their website, available 24/7.

LG’s customer support phone lines are available Monday to Sunday, 8AM to 9PM ET.

For LG Premium Care customers, the phone support hours are Monday to Friday, 8AM to 11PM ET, and Saturday to Sunday, 9AM to 6PM ET.

LG’s main customer service number is 1-800-243-0000, perfect for when you need to request a repair.

For commercial support, the number is 1-888-865-3026.


Why is my LG refrigerator water dispenser not working after filter change?

After a filter change, air trapped in the line can prevent water flow. Try holding the dispenser button for 2-3 minutes to flush out the air. Ensure the filter is correctly installed and is a genuine LG part for optimal performance​​.

What should I do if my LG fridge water dispenser is slow or dribbling?

Check for kinks or damage in the water line and ensure proper water pressure (between 40-120 PSI). A kinked line or low pressure can restrict flow. Straighten out any kinks and consider a pressure regulator if water pressure is inconsistent​​​​.

How often should I replace my LG refrigerator water filter for optimal performance?

It’s recommended to replace your LG refrigerator water filter every six months, or more frequently if water flow decreases or the dispenser stops working. Regular replacement ensures clean, tasty water and optimal dispenser performance​​.

When should I call a professional for my LG refrigerator water dispenser issues?

Call a professional if problems persist after troubleshooting, for complex electronic or mechanical issues, or to preserve your warranty. It’s also wise to seek professional help if you’re unsure about safety or the problem requires complex disassembly​​.


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