LG Dryer Steam Fresh vs Steam Sanitary: A Comprehensive Guide

LG Dryer Steam Fresh and Steam Sanitary cycles offer distinct benefits for laundry care. Steam Fresh is a quick 20-30 minute cycle that refreshes lightly worn clothes, reducing wrinkles and odors. Steam Sanitary, a 30-60 minute cycle, uses high-temperature steam to sanitize and deodorize items that can’t be washed, killing 99.9% of bacteria. Steam Fresh is ideal for quick touch-ups, while Steam Sanitary is better for deep sanitization. Both cycles save time and energy, making laundry tasks more efficient.

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Got a mountain of laundry and not enough time? Say goodbye to wrinkles and odors with an LG Steam Dryer!

Let’s dive into the “Steam Fresh” vs. “Steam Sanitary” cycles, perfect for keeping your clothes fresh and sanitized.

Learn which steam cycle is best for your next load of towels or garments.

What Is The Difference Between LG Dryer Steam Fresh And Steam Sanitary?

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  • Steam Fresh: This is a quick 20-30 minute cycle. It uses steam to reduce wrinkles and odors in lightly worn clothes without needing a full wash. Perfect for refreshing up to 5 garments at once.
  • Steam Sanitary: This one is longer, 30-60 minutes. It uses high temp steam to sanitize and deodorize items that can’t be washed, like throw blankets. It helps eliminate odors and kills bacteria by shooting hot steam into the drum.

What Is LG Dryer Steam Fresh?

What’s the deal with LG Dryer Steam Fresh? It’s fancy, like a regular dryer but with puffs of steam. Ever hate ironing? This dryer with steam feature just might save you some sweat and tears. Just use the steam function and boom—wrinkles are gone without an iron.

LG’s got this steam technology that shoots steam into the dryer drum and helps reduce those pesky creases.

How Does LG Dryer Steam Fresh Work? 

The LG Dryer Steam Fresh cycle uses steam to freshen up lightly worn clothes quickly, skipping a full wash.

It’s great for reducing wrinkles and odours in just 20-30 minutes. You can refresh up to 5 items at once, perfect for quick touch-ups.

To use the Steam Fresh cycle on an LG dryer:

  1. Press the POWER button.
  2. Select the SteamFresh™ cycle.
  3. Press the STEAM button on your LG Steam Dryer.
  4. Press START/PAUSE to begin.

During the cycle, the dryer injects hot steam into the fabrics, refreshing them, cutting down on static, and making ironing easier. This is perfect for a fast freshen-up without a full wash and dry.

What Are The Benefits Of LG Dryer Steam Fresh? 

  • Quick Refresh: In just 20-30 minutes, this cycle freshens up lightly worn clothes without a full wash. Perfect for a quick refresh.
  • Wrinkle Reduction: Steam reduces wrinkles, making clothes easier to wear without ironing. The steam’s slight dampness relaxes fabrics.
  • Odor Elimination: Steam kills bacteria and removes odors, making clothes smell fresher. Great for items that don’t need a full wash in an LG Steam Dryer.
  • Sanitization: While not as thorough as the Steam Sanitary cycle, it can sanitize and deodorize non-washable items like throw blankets.
  • Convenience: Refresh 3-5 garments quickly without a full wash, saving time and energy with your LG Steam Dryer.

How To Use LG Dryer Steam Fresh? 

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Using the LG Dryer Steam Fresh cycle is simple! Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Hit the POWER button to switch on the LG Steam Dryer.
  2. Pick the SteamFresh™ cycle from the control panel.
  3. Press the STEAM button on your LG Steam Dryer to turn on the steam function.
  4. Put up to 5 items of clothing in the dryer.
  5. Press START/PAUSE to kick off the SteamFresh™ cycle.

The SteamFresh™ cycle usually takes about 20-30 minutes, using hot steam in your LG Steam Dryer to freshen up clothes, get rid of wrinkles, and remove odours.

Avoid using it on delicate fabrics like wool, silk, nylon, or anything that might discolor easily.

Also, make sure the steam feeder is filled with tap water for it to work right.

What Is LG Dryer Steam Sanitary? 

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LG Dryer Steam Sanitary cycle is great for cleaning and freshening up dry items that you can’t wash.

It uses high-temp steam to kill 99.9% of germs, making it super effective for sanitizing clothes fast. 

This cycle is especially handy for non-washable items like throw blankets, getting rid of odors and bacteria without needing to use the water line.

How Does LG Dryer Steam Sanitary Work? 

The Steam Sanitary cycle is perfect for sanitizing and deodorizing dry items, like throw blankets, that you can’t wash. It kills 99.9% of common germs.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Choose the “Steam Sanitary” cycle on your dryer’s control panel.
  2. The dryer injects high-temp steam into the drum to sanitize and refresh your items.
  3. The cycle runs for 30-60 minutes, thoroughly sanitizing the contents.

This cycle is great for killing odors and bacteria on items that can’t go through a regular wash.

It’s more thorough than the quicker Steam Fresh cycle because it uses higher heat and longer times, making it ideal for deep cleaning non-washable fabrics.

What Are The Benefits Of LG Dryer Steam Sanitary?

Sanitization: Uses high-temp steam to kill 99.9% of germs, getting rid of bacteria and allergens from items you can’t wash.

Odor Removal: Steam takes out tough odors from things like throw blankets, giving a quick refresh to non-washable fabrics.

Convenience: Sanitizes and refreshes dry items without needing a full wash, saving time and water.

Versatility: Great for sanitizing non-washable items like pillows, comforters, and rugs, which is perfect for people with allergies.

Gentleness: Steam is gentler on fabrics than washing, making it ideal for delicate items that can’t handle a wash cycle.

How To Use LG Dryer Steam Sanitary?

Pick the “Steam Sanitary” cycle on the dryer’s control panel.

The dryer will shoot high-temp steam into the drum to clean and refresh stuff.

Image of shoot high-temp steam

This cycle usually lasts 30-60 minutes to fully sanitize.

The steam’s high heat helps get rid of smells and kills 99.9% of germs on items you can’t normally wash.

It’s great for freshening up and deeply cleaning things like throw blankets that can’t be washed in an LG washer. It’s a handy way to sanitize these without washing.

Avoid using it on very delicate fabrics since the high heat might damage them. But for most non-washable items, it’s a solid sanitizing choice.

Which One Is Better For Sanitizing Clothes?

Here is a comparison of the LG Dryer Steam Fresh and Steam Sanitary cycles:

FeatureSteam FreshSteam Sanitary
Sanitizing ClothesLess effectiveMore effective at removing stronger odours and allergens
Removing WrinklesMore effective at removing wrinkles from clothesLess effective at removing wrinkles
Removing OdorsEffective at removing light odorsMore effective at removing stronger odors and allergens
Cycle TimeShorter, around 15-20 minutesLonger, around 30-40 minutes
Clothing ItemsWorks well for a few items like shirtsCan handle larger loads like towels

Both LG Dryer Steam Fresh and Steam Sanitary cycles sanitize clothes but with different purposes and effectiveness.

Steam Fresh:

  • Quick 20-min cycle
  • Uses steam to refresh lightly worn clothes
  • Reduces wrinkles and eliminates odors
  • Some sanitizing benefits, but not thorough

Steam Sanitary:

  • Longer 30-min cycle
  • Uses high-temp steam for dry items in the LG Steam Dryer that can’t be washed.
  • Kills 99.9% of microorganisms
  • More effective for deep sanitizing

For a quick refresh with some sanitizing, go for Steam Fresh. For thorough sanitization, especially for non-washable items, choose Steam Sanitary.

Which One Is Better For Removing Wrinkles?

The LG Dryer Steam Fresh cycle is better for quickly removing wrinkles from lightly worn clothes than the Steam Sanitary cycle.

  • The Steam Fresh cycle takes 20-30 mins, injecting steam to relax fabrics and reduce wrinkles. Perfect for freshening up 3-5 items without a full wash.
  • Steam dampens clothes a bit, making it easier to smooth out wrinkles. Often, you won’t need to iron afterward.

On the other hand, the Steam Sanitary cycle is meant for sanitizing and deodorizing non-washable items like throw blankets.

  • While it uses steam, its main job is killing bacteria and allergens, not wrinkle removal.
  • It runs for 30-60 mins at high heat to thoroughly sanitize. This longer cycle is overkill if you just want to get rid of wrinkles.

Which One Is Better For Removing Odors and Allergen Removal?

For removing odors, the LG Dryer’s Steam Sanitary cycle works better than the Steam Fresh cycle. The high-temp steam in the Steam Sanitary cycle kills bacteria, getting rid of stubborn smells and making clothes smell fresh.

For allergen removal, both Steam Sanitary and Steam Fresh cycles help. Steam Sanitary is great for killing allergens like pet dander, dead skin cells, and mold. This helps make bedding, towels, and clothes healthier.

The Steam Fresh cycle, while not as powerful, still helps using the LG Steam Dryer’s advanced steam technology.

It uses steam to reduce allergens and residue, making your laundry cleaner and more allergen-free.


What’s the difference between the LG Dryer Steam Fresh and Steam Sanitary cycles?

The Steam Fresh cycle is mainly used to refresh and de-wrinkle clothes, making them look nearly new without washing. The Steam Sanitary cycle, on the other hand, is designed to sanitize items that can’t be washed, like stuffed animals or pillows, eliminating germs and bacteria.

How does the steam function in LG dryers work?

The steam function in LG dryers uses a small amount of water from either the water tank or directly through a hose to produce steam. This steam helps to refresh clothes, reduce wrinkles, and sanitize items during different dryer cycles.

Can I use the Steam Fresh cycle on all fabrics?

The Steam Fresh cycle is best for cotton garments, dress shirts, and other common clothing items. For bulky or heavy-duty fabrics, check the specific LG USA support recommendations on the LG site to ensure compatibility and avoid damage.

How does the dryer with steam help reduce energy costs?

Dryers with steam can help lower energy costs by reducing the dry time and eliminating the need for prolonged tumble cycles. By using steam, your dryer can also reduce the need for ironing, saving both energy and time.

Is a separate water reservoir needed for the steam functions?

Some LG dryers have a built-in water reservoir that you need to refill occasionally, while others connect directly to your water supply with a hose. Check your model’s user manual or the related help library on the LG site for specific details.

How long is the Steam Sanitary cycle time?

The Steam Sanitary cycle typically has a longer cycle time compared to standard dry cycles, as it needs to heat up and generate enough steam to fully sanitize items. Check your dryer’s user manual for exact times.

Can I add steam to normal cycles?

Yes, some LG dryers offer the option to add steam to normal cycles. This combined cycle can also help reduce wrinkles and enhance the freshness of your laundry. Refer to the appliance’s guidelines on the LG site for more details.

What maintenance does the steam dryer need?

Regular maintenance includes checking the water level in the reservoir, ensuring hoses are not kinked, and cleaning the water tank and filters as per LG USA support recommendations. This helps in keeping the steam functions operating efficiently.

Are there specific settings for different load sizes?

Yes, LG dryers with steam functions have different settings for larger loads, normal cycle, and delicate items. Always adjust the load size setting to match the amount of water and time needed for optimal drying clothes performance.

How should I set up my laundry room for an LG dryer with steam?

Make sure your laundry room has access to either a water supply for the steam hose or space to refill the water reservoir. Keep the appliance level to avoid water tank spills and check the area for adequate ventilation to ensure the dryer operates efficiently.

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