What Is Tumble Dry on LG Dryer? Expert Tips from LG USA Support

“Tumble dry” on an LG dryer means drying clothes by spinning them in the machine, avoiding shrinking or damage. Settings include Normal for cotton, Damp Dry for easy ironing, Low Temperature for delicates, and Energy Saver for heavy fabrics. Avoid tumble drying delicate fabrics, activewear, rayon, acetate, and foam rubber to prevent damage. Regular maintenance like cleaning the lint filter ensures efficiency.

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You’ve got an LG dryer and you’re wondering what the heck “tumble dry” means? No worries, we’re here to break it down for you!

Basically, it’s a dry cycle designed to get your clothes completely dry without shrinking or damaging them. 

You can set it to different temperatures, like low for delicate items and wool. 

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What Is Tumble Dry On LG Dryer?

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“tumble dry” on your LG dryer basically means drying your clothes by spinning them around in the machine. This is like the regular way to get your clothes dry, where the dryer tumbles the clothes to shake off the moisture.

The opposite would be “hang dry,” where you just hang your clothes up to dry without using a dryer.

What Are the Different Tumble Dry Settings on LG Dryer?

I’ve got you covered if you’re trying to figure out the best tumble dry settings on your LG dryer

Here’s a quick rundown of some common settings you’ll find:

  • Normal: This one’s your go-to for general drying. It’s perfect for things like cotton or linen fabrics—think towels, t-shirts, and linen clothing.
  • Damp Dry: Leaves your clothes a bit damp so ironing is a breeze. Great for cotton or linen stuff that you wanna iron.
  • Low Temperature: Uses a cooler drying temp to keep delicate fabrics safe. Ideal for easy care or permanent-press clothes.
  • Energy Saver: Designed for heavier fabrics, this setting uses heated air-condensing drying to save on water.
  • Time 30/60/120 minutes: Pick the drying time based on your load size. Perfect for cotton or linen fabrics like towels.
  • Delicates: Also known as the “low tumble cycle”, it’s best for delicate items like wool, nylon, or spandex. Uses low temp and gentle drying.

You can tweak these settings with the MORE TIME and LESS TIME buttons to adjust the cycle length, and use the OPTION buttons for additional cycle options.

What Fabrics Can Be Tumble Dried on LG Dryer?

when it comes to drying your cotton and linen stuff like towels, t-shirts, and linen clothes, just toss them in the dryer on the Normal cycle. It helps cut down the drying time and saves on energy too.

For heavier cotton items like towels, sweaters, and hoodies, go ahead and use medium to high heat settings. But for lighter cotton clothes like t-shirts, it’s better to stick to lower temps to avoid any shrinkage.

Polyester blends can go in the dryer too, but keep the temperature low. These materials dry pretty fast, so you don’t need a long drying cycle.

Bedsheets and pillows? Totally fine to tumble dry those. The heat actually helps kill dust mites and freshens them up.

Now, here’s the catch – some stuff should never see the inside of a dryer:

  • Items with spandex, like bras, gym clothes, and swimwear – high heat can ruin the elastic
  • Silk and other delicate fabrics – they can shrink or get all wrinkly
  • Leather, fake leather, suede, and fur – they can lose their shape and crack
  • Wool, unless it specifically says it’s safe for the dryer

What Fabrics Should Not Be Tumble Dried on LG Dryer?

Just a heads-up about what you shouldn’t toss in the tumble dryer on your LG machine:

Delicate Fabrics

Stuff like silk, wool, and some synthetics can shrink when they get too hot. Best to lay them flat and use the Rack Dry cycle.


This includes things with spandex like bras, gym clothes, and swimwear. High heat can wreck them.


Rayon fabrics tend to shrink or lose texture with heat, so keep them out of the dryer.


Similar story here—acetate can shrink or get distorted with heat. Dry it flat or air dry.

And a few more things:

  • Bathroom rugs, nonslip mats, and raincoats: Avoid tumble drying these on a heat setting.
  • Foam rubber (latex foam): Heat can damage it, so no tumble drying.

Always follow fabric care instructions and pick the right cycle and temperature for each load to keep your clothes looking their best.

What Are the Risks of Tumble Drying on LG Dryer?

you’re like me, you probably just wanna throw everything in and get it done, but hold up – not all fabrics play nice with the heat.

Here’s what you gotta watch out for:

Fire Hazard: If you have stuff that’s been soaked with veggie or cooking oil, don’t even think about tossing it in the dryer. It can be a fire waiting to happen. Scary, right?

Delicate Fabrics: Silk, wool, and some synthetics are kinda like the divas of the fabric world. High heat can make them shrink or damage them. Better to dry them flat or use a drying rack instead. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later.

Activewear: Got gym clothes or bras with spandex? High heat is their enemy. It messes with the elastic and pretty soon, they’re all stretched out and useless.

Rayon and Acetate: These fabrics can get all messed up with heat, shrinking or losing their texture. Definitely skip the tumble dryer for these.

Foam Rubber and Latex: Things like foam rubber (think some mattress covers or certain pillows) are a big no-no for the dryer. They can even catch fire.


What does “tumble dry” mean on my LG dryer?

Choosing the “tumble dry” cycle on your LG dryer means your laundry will be dried by rotating in the drum without using heat. This helps prevent clothes from shrinking, especially delicate ones like wool sweaters.

How can I make sure my clothes are drying properly?

To ensure your clothes are drying properly, don’t overload the drum and make sure you’re using the right cycle for the type of laundry you’re drying. Check the product manual or visit our related help library for more tips.

Can I use the tumble dry cycle for all my clothes?

Not all clothes suit the tumble dry cycle. It’s great for delicates but avoid using it for heavy items like towels. Always check the care label on your laundry.

How can I update my LG dryer settings?

You can update your dryer settings by using the LG ThinQ app! It’s available for free on both your phone and tablet. The app makes it easier to customize and control your dryer remotely.

What should I do if my dryer stops working?

If your dryer stops working, try checking if the door is closed properly and if it’s plugged in. Visit our help library for troubleshooting guides or contact us for a detailed description of the issue. We’re here to help, whether over the phone or through our Facebook page.

How often should I clean the lint filter?

Clean the lint filter after every load to increase your dryer’s efficiency. It’s an easy way to maintain your dryer and keep it working its best.

Why does my dryer take longer to dry clothes?

Drying time can depend on the load size and the type of laundry. Ensure you’re not overloading the drum and using the proper setting. Check our related help library for more information on optimizing drying times.

Can I use my dryer if I live in an apartment?

Yes, most LG dryers are suitable for apartment living. Ensure you have proper ventilation and space. For more details, check the product description or visit our help library.

How can I get more detailed information about my LG dryer?

For more detailed information, visit our help library or our YouTube channel. You’ll find videos and articles that can make using your dryer a breeze. Feel free to leave a comment for any specific questions.

What should I do if my question isn’t answered here?

If you still need help, visit our related help library, click on the Contact Us page, or reach out on Facebook. We’re here to help 24/7, so don’t hesitate to ask. 

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