What Does PF Mean On LG Washing Machine: LG USA Support

PF error code on LG washing machines signifies a power failure, often due to power outages or surges. To fix it, ensure the power cord is securely plugged in, reset the circuit breaker if necessary, and avoid using extension cords. Persistent issues may indicate faulty wiring or a malfunctioning control board, requiring professional repair. Preventive measures include using a stable power source and a surge protector.

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Ever had that “pf” error code pop up on your LG washing machine display and wondered what the heck it means?

You’re not alone! This sneaky little code stands for “power failure,” and it usually shows up after a power outage or an interruption in the power supply. Don’t worry, though; your trusty LG washer isn’t out for the count.

Sometimes, all it needs is a simple unplug and restart to get back in action!

What Is the PF Error Code on LG Washing Machines?

PF error code on LG washing machines means there was a “power failure” on control board while it was running a cycle.

This usually happens cause of a power outage or surge, interrupting the power supply to the washer.

What Are the Possible Causes of the PF Error Code?

1. Power Outage

Image of Power Outage
Image source: lg.com

If your LG washer suddenly stops working during a cycle because of a power outage, here’s what you have got to do:

  1. That “PF” error basically means the power got cut off to the control board mid-cycle, probably because of an outage or some kinda power surge affecting your LG front load washer.
  2. To get that sucker running again after an outage, just plug the cord back in tight and hit that Power button. If it still ain’t turning on, check if other stuff is working by plugging something else into that outlet. If not, you might need to reset that circuit breaker.
  3. Once power’s back on, you’ll have to restart the whole wash cycle from the top. The machine won’t even turn on if that cord ain’t plugged in snugly, so unplug and replug if needed.
  4. Most times, that PF code just means there was some power issue in your place, not that the washer itself is busted. If it only happens once, you can probably just hit Start and keep on trucking.
  5. But if unplugging it for like 5 minutes to reset doesn’t fix it, you might need to call a repair dude because it could mean something more serious is wrong with the electrics.

Just keep it simple and don’t overcomplicate things. Let me know if you need any other washer wisdom!

2. Faulty Power Supply

if you’re getting that annoying PF error on your LG washer, it could be because the power supply is acting up. But don’t sweat it, we can try to fix this thing ourselves before calling in the pros.

First up, double-check that the power cord is plugged in tight to your LG front load washer. Sometimes it’s as simple as unplugging it and plugging it back in again to get that connection right.

Next, test out the outlet by plugging in something else small, like a lamp or whatever. If that other thing doesn’t work either, it means the circuit breaker might’ve tripped.

To reset that bad boy.

If the outlet is all good but the washer still ain’t turning on, that power cord itself could be the culprit if it looks damaged. Try swapping it out for a new one.

Also, don’t have your washer plugged into an extension cord or power strip. That’s a no-no. Plug it straight into the wall outlet and make sure it can handle at least 12 amps.

Image of diagram that reset washing machine

If you have one of the Twin Wash setups, the Twin part needs its own grounded outlet too for it to work right, especially in conjunction with an LG front load washer.

I tried unplugging the machine for the lg dishwasher 5 minutes to reset it and nothing happened. Could mean the main control board or that noise filter thing needs replacing.

If you’ve tried all that and the PF error is still happening and it won’t power on at all, might be time to bite the bullet and call a repair person to come to take a look.

3. Wiring Issues

That PF code? The unit is displaying a power failure error. It’s basically telling you there’s some funky business going on with the electrical wiring.

Could be the connections are loose or worn out, or maybe the wiring itself is damaged or not grounded properly. 

Heck, it might even be that the control board itself is on the fritz.

Here’s the deal: when the wiring ain’t right, it can’t deliver a steady flow of juice to your machine. And when that happens, the washer gets all confused and throws that PF error at you.

It’s like the machine is saying, “Yo, I can’t do my job properly if I ain’t got the power!”

Now, if that PF code keeps popping up and your washer won’t even turn on, that’s a big ol’ red flag. It could mean the control board or some other electrical component is straight-up kaput on your LG front load washer.

And trust me, you don’t want to mess around with that kind of stuff unless you know what you’re doing with your LG front load washer.

4. Malfunctioning Control Board

Image of Malfunctioning Control Board
Image source: ifixit.com

That annoying PF error code on your LG washer’s display? It’s usually cuz the control board is acting up. Here’s the deal:

That PF code? It means there was a power failure while the washer was running its spin cycle. Could be from a blackout or nasty power surge messing with the electricity.

But get this – wiring issues can also trigger that error PF. If the control board ain’t getting enough juice cuz of loose connections, damaged wires, or the whole setup is whack, bam! PF error.

So a power outage is the usual culprit for that PF nonsense. But shoddy wiring can’t be ruled out neither.

The fix? Easy peasy – just restart the cycle once the power’s back and the washer is fired up again. Hit that START button and it should pick up where it left off.

But if that PF error keeps popping up and your washer still won’t cooperate? You might need to replace that control board or call in a repair dude to figure out what’s really going on under the hood.

That’s the lowdown on that PF headache! Holler if you need any other washer wisdom dropped on you.


What does “PF” mean on an LG washing machine?

“PF” stands for “Power Failure.” It’s an error message indicating that the washing machine experienced a power disruption. You might want to check the power supply to the washing machine.

How do I fix a PF error on my LG washing machine?

First, make sure the power supply to the washing machine is stable. If the issue persists, you can try unplugging the appliance and plugging it back in after a few minutes. If the problem continues, it might be time to call a technician.

Why did my washing machine stop with a PF code on the display?

The “PF” error code usually means the washing machine experienced a power disruption. It could be a temporary glitch or an indication of a bigger electrical issue that may need attention from an electrician.

Can a power surge cause the PF error code?

Yes, a power surge can cause the PF error code to appear on your LG washing machine. Make sure to check the power supply and consult an electrician if needed.

Should I call a service tech for the PF error code?

If simple troubleshooting steps, like checking the power supply, don’t resolve the issue, it might be wise to call a technician to diagnose and fix the problem.

How can I prevent the PF error from happening again?

To prevent the PF error code, ensure that your washing machine is properly connected to a stable power source. Using a surge protector can also help protect your appliance from power disruptions.

Does the PF error code indicate a serious problem with the washing machine?

The PF error code signifies that the washing machine experienced a power disruption. While it may not indicate a serious problem, it’s essential to check the power supply and potentially consult an electrician if the issue persists.

Where can I find more information about error codes for my LG appliance?

For more information about error codes, you can visit the LG site or check the related help library on the LG USA support page. What customers are saying in forums and reviews can also be helpful.

Do other brands like Samsung and Whirlpool have similar error codes?

Yes, other brands like Samsung and Whirlpool also have error codes which indicate various issues with their appliances. However, the specific codes and their meanings can vary by brand.

Is my washing machine overload related to the PF error code?

No, the PF error code specifically refers to a power failure or disruption. An overload may cause different error messages and issues unrelated to the power supply.

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