Why Won’t My LG Water Filter Lock In Place? Troubleshooting Tips for a Secure Fit

Struggling to get an LG refrigerator water filter to lock in place? Possible causes include damaged O-rings, incorrect alignment, filter housing damage, improper installation, or a design flaw in the central component. Solutions range from checking and replacing damaged parts to realigning the filter housing and using a reset tool. Always remove the plastic cap before installing the new filter.

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Struggling to get your new filter in place? We’ve all been there. If your LG refrigerator’s water filter won’t lock in, you’re not alone.

It’s a common hiccup, but don’t worry—you don’t need to be a tech guru to fix it.

In this post, we’ll explain why your LG water filter is acting stubborn and how to get it to easily snap into place. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Damaged O-rings or incorrect alignment can prevent proper installation.
  • Ensure the filter housing is intact and not damaged.
  • Remove the plastic cap and twist the filter clockwise to secure it.
  • Use tools or slight modifications for alignment issues.
  • Check for design flaws and use reset tools if necessary.

What Are the Possible Causes of a LG Water Filter Not Locking in Place?

are you struggling with your LG water filter not locking in place? Let’s dive into some possible causes, nice and easy.

Casue 1: Damaged O-Rings

take a good look at those O-rings at the end of your filter. Watch out for any damage like stretching, cracking, or if they’re not seated properly.

If you spot any issues, you’ll need to swap out that filter. 


Take a close look at those O-rings on the filter’s end. Look for any signs of damage like stretching, cracking, or if they’re not sitting right. If they look damaged, you will need to get new water filter.

Make sure you have taken off plastic cap from the filter before you try to put it in. Twist the filter clockwise until it locks in place properly.

Give the filter housing a good once-over. Look for any cracks or damage. If you find any, you might need to get your fridge repaired.

If those O-rings are really damaged, just go ahead and replace the whole filter. When you change the water filter, double-check that it’s installed correctly and the O-rings are seated properly.

Cause 2: Incorrect Alignment of Filter Housing Pieces

Image of Incorrect Alignment of Filter Housing Pieces

Those two inner circular plastic bits in the filter housing? Yeah, they gotta be lined up just right. Make sure they’re sitting at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock spots.

If they’re off, the new filter just won’t fit properly. Trust me, been there, done that. Take a sec, check those pieces, and you’re golden.


If your LG refrigerator water filter isn’t lining up right, don’t worry.

Here’s a little trick you can try: grab a flathead screwdriver or some pliers and twist the central component counterclockwise. This might just get everything aligned nicely.

And if it’s those pesky notches on the filter causing all the trouble, you can actually file them off. Yup, just a bit of filing and you should be good to go.

I heard this tip from a few folks who had the same issue and it worked like a charm for them.

Cause 3: Filter Housing Damage

Image of Filter Housing Damage

Take a good look at the filter housing and check if there are any cracks or damage. If you spot any issues, your fridge might need some repair service.

Keep it simple, right? Just make sure to really inspect it closely, you don’t want to miss anything.


you need to check out the filter housing in your fridge. Take a close look for any cracks, breaks, or other signs of damage.

If you spot anything off, you’ll need to get it fixed. 

Unfortunately, it’s not just the filter that needs changing—it’s the whole filter housing assembly.

The part you’ll need is LG filter housing MCK67447801. There aren’t any videos out there on how to do this, but don’t worry.

The steps are pretty straightforward:

  • Remove the old housing.
  • Disconnect the water lines.
  • Install the new housing.

Cause 4: Improper Installation

Just a quick heads-up—make sure to take off the plastic cap from the filter before you install it. Also, be sure to twist the filter clockwise till it locks into place.


If you’re having trouble with your LG water filter installation, don’t worry. Here’s a simple guide to get it sorted out. Let’s get that fresh water flowing!

Remove Old Filter:

First, grab the bottom of the old filter and turn it counterclockwise. It should come off the filter head pretty easily.

Remove Protective Cap:

Now, take off the protective cap from your shiny new filter. You don’t need that anymore.

Image source: lg.com

Insert New Filter:

Next, line up the tabs on the side of the new filter with the housing. Push it in while tilting it down. Once it’s popped in, lift the filter all the way up and close the filter lid until you hear a satisfying click.

Rotate Filter Clockwise:

Turn the new filter clockwise until it locks into place. You’ll feel it when it’s secure.

Replace Protective Cap:

Pop the protective cap cover back on the new filter.

Turn Water Supply Back On:

Now, turn the water supply back on.

Flush System:

To get rid of any trapped air or nasties, dispense about 2.5 gallons of water (around 5 minutes). Do this in cycles of pressing and releasing the dispenser pad for 30 seconds on and 60 seconds off.

Verify Installation:

Finally, check if the filter is locked in place and the water is flowing properly. If it’s not locking or starts leaking, you might need a service visit to figure out what’s up.

Cause 5: Central Component Design Flaw

If you ever find the central part of your filter manifold getting stuck, it’s usually because it wasn’t installed or removed properly.

A simple fix for this is grabbing a flathead screwdriver and carefully turning the central piece counterclockwise.


If you’re dealing with an LG water filter that’s being a pain because of a central component design flaw, don’t worry—there’s a nifty trick to fix it!

Here’s how you can get your filter working smoothly again:

Get a Reset Tool:

First things first, you’ll need to grab a reset tool made for LG LT1000P fridge filters. This little gadget is a lifesaver—it helps reset the central part so the filter fits right.

How to Use the Reset Tool:

  1. Insert the Tool: Stick the reset tool into the central component.
  2. Turn Counterclockwise: Gently twist it counterclockwise. This should reset the component and let the filter fit and lock in place like it’s supposed to.

Honestly, it’s super easy and can save you a ton of frustration.

What are the Signs That the Plastic Cap on the Filter Is Still in Place?

if you’re trying to install the new LG water filter and it’s not working right, there might be a simple fix.

Here’s how you can tell if the plastic cap is still on the filter:

First off, if the filter doesn’t lock into place or you can’t turn it fully clockwise, you probably still have that pesky plastic cap on there. I had this issue once and thought my filter head assembly was bad, but it was just the cap.

Another sign – if the filter only turns about 10-15 degrees and then pops back out when you pull on it. Man, that was frustrating! It felt like it was just lying there, not doing its job at all.

And finally, if there’s water leaking around the filter or you see water pooling at the bottom of your fridge, that cap might still be in place. I had to troubleshoot this and it was a mess until I figured it out.


What should I do if my LG water filter will not go in?

A: If your LG water filter will not go in, it’s possible that the filter housing may have an obstruction. Make sure to remove the old filter completely before trying to install the new one. Also, ensure that you’re using the correct filter for your french door refrigerator.

How can I tell if the replacement filter is compatible with my LG french door refrigerator?

To ensure the replacement filter is compatible, check if the logo is on the filter. This confirms it’s actually your brand filter. If the filter is not a manufacturer-approved part, it may not fit properly.

What do customers are saying about locking the water filter into place?

Many customers are saying that sometimes the new filter doesn’t lock into place immediately. They suggest applying steady and firm pressure when you push the filter in until you hear a click, indicating it’s secure.

Can water pressure affect the installation of my water filter?

Yes, water pressure can play a role. If the pressure is too high, it might make it difficult to install the water filter correctly. Shut off the water valve and reduce the water pressure before attempting to install the new filter.

Why won’t my water dispenser work after installing a new filter?

If your water dispenser isn’t working after installing a new filter, it might be because the filter didn’t lock into place properly. Double-check that the filter is securely locked in and try resetting the refrigerator by unplugging it for a few minutes.

How can I meet the experts for help with my filter issues?

If you’re having trouble, you can contact LG customer support to meet the experts. They can help test whether the filter is the issue or if there’s a problem with the water filtration system.

Do I need to remove the air filter before installing the water filter?

No, you do not need to remove the air filter before installing the water filter. The air filter and water filter are separate components in most LG french door refrigerators.

Is it important to remove the cap from the new filter?

Yes, you should definitely remove the cap from the new filter before trying to install it. Forgetting to do so can prevent the filter from locking into place properly.

What are some common issues when replacing the filter in a Kenmore Elite refrigerator?

For those with a Kenmore Elite (or LG french door) refrigerator, common issues include the new filter or your old filter not fitting due to incorrect size, or an obstruction in the filter housing. Always ensure you’re using the correct filter and the housing is clear of debris.

How can I troubleshoot my LG water filtration system?

To troubleshoot your LG water filtration system, first shut off the water valve and remove the old filter. Then install the new filter carefully, ensuring it locks into place. If the issue persists, contact LG customer support for further assistance.

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